Multiple copies of the VMware Horizon view printer appear

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First, "Problem description"

1. When using the USB interface printer, there will be multiple copies of the same printer, only the latest copy of the printer can be used normally, each reconnect to the desktop, there will be a copy of the printer, causing users to use the virtual desktop printing when the default printer needs to be reset.

Second, "Cause analysis"

1.VMware Horizon View Desktop virtualization in the use of peripherals, there are two ways: Session mode and mapping mode, wherein the session mode using the TP VC Gateway Service, in the user's desktop to open this service, identify the device will walk the session channel, through the TP VC Gateway technology brings the device to the desktop, and the other is to go to the PCOIP protocol channel and map directly to the desktop.

2. For USB interface printer, if the user desktop system opens the TP VC Gateway Service, and the local thin terminal allows the session mode will be brought directly into the desktop, but also in the VMware Horizon client set to allow USB automatic connection, it also maps the printer to the desktop, As a result, users will find multiple copies of the printer during use.

Iii. "Solutions"

1. Log in to the thin terminal system or install the VMware Horizon Client system, set the * * * * * * * * *:

    • Hkey_local_machine\software\thinprint\client\defprintstate

    • Hkey_local_machine\software\thinprint\client\defaultstate

will bedefprintstateand thedefaultstatevalues are set to0, and then restart the system;

2. Log back in to the user's desktop system and set the following services to disabled

TP VC Gateway Service and the TP AutoConnect Service , and set the startup type to disabled for both services

Iv. "Summary"

1. When initializing a thin client system, modify the Method 1 registry

2. When making the template, set the TP VC Gateway service and tp AutoConnect Services two startup type to disabled.

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Multiple copies of the VMware Horizon view printer appear

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