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The code is compiled by a language. each language has its own syntax. Using these simple languages, you can combine some imagination to form various exquisite algorithms and modes to complete complex tasks.

Music is composed of music scores (here the music refers to a song). music scores consist of Music notes and rules (beats, pitch, and music). It can also be seen as a music language, using these "Music languages", Masters expressed their feelings.

Everything is the same. It is also so fascinating to have a deep understanding of music that is no less appealing than reading a module code in the kernel tree.


Writing code, composing, writing, cooking, woodworking ..... all walks of life are based on mastering the basic skills, coupled with personal play, creation, careless and lazy people out of defective products, rigorous people out of the finished product, talented people out of the art.

There is a possibility for the world, but the result depends on the degree of personal care.

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