Mutual Shield Data Recovery software How to recover completely deleted files

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1. Download the mutual Shield data recovery software, after the installation is complete, please open the software, we have entered the Software data recovery function interface. Select the corresponding restore function here, our lost files are completely deleted, here choose "mistakenly delete files" mouse click to enter on it.

2. Go into the mistakenly delete file function, in the software interface to select the disk that needs to be scanned for recovery, that is, the disk where the file is removed (you can select the specified folder, scan the specified range of cluster size, thereby shortening the consumption time), select, click Next to scan the disk.

3. File scanning speed and disk files on how much and the size of the hook, please be patient, if you see the need to recover files, here you can interrupt the scan. (Any data recovery software in the scan will first analyze the directory structure of the file, so as long as the software scan data directory is completed, you can stop the scan, and then according to the directory to find lost files, this can save a lot of time.) )

4. Software scan finished, in the software interface presented by the scan results we can see a lot of documents, in order to save a complete recovery, the software will not let go of any scanned files, the software not only restore the lost data you want to retrieve, but also you deleted before the many data are displayed, as long as it is scanned, Files can be recovered.

To deal with a completely deleted file, if you use the software mistakenly deleted file mode does not scan out, then we can choose the universal recovery model, mutual shield data recovery software body is with years of international enterprise-level data recovery Technology team members to create a more efficient recovery procedures, the biggest feature is the "deep recovery" Ability to dig up data from the deep disk by enabling other recovery programs to be retrieved.

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