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IIS out of question: Two command cmd inside the Aspnet_regiis-i vs command also executes under

HttpModule is a filter for HttpApplication.

EF ORM Framework: EF

Access at the bottom: the ADO Data Model

Ldcdbentities db =Newldcdbentities (); //Enquiryiqueryable<ldc_goods_brand> temp = fromUinchdb. >0                                               Selectu; foreach(varIteminchtemp) {Console.WriteLine (item.            brandname); }            //Modify//entities that are queried through LINQ expressions or LAMDBA, by default, are monitored by the EF for you            varGoodsbrand =temp.            FirstOrDefault (); if(Goodsbrand! =NULL) {Console.WriteLine (goodsbrand.brandname); //the internal will automatically tell the context I signed the entity changed state also changed to modified stateGoodsbrand.brandname =DateTime.Now.ToString (); //give the context a command; Save all the body changes back to the database.db.            SaveChanges (); }            //Delete sweep do            if(Goodsbrand! =NULL)            {                //db. Ldc_goods_brand. The delete operation did not succeed!!!!!!             }            //AddLdc_goods_brand Brand =NewLdc_goods_brand (); Brand. Brandname="newly Added!! "; Brand. Createtime=DateTime.Now; Db. Ldc_goods_brand.add (Brand);//Add different methodsdb.            SaveChanges (); Console.readkey ();
EF Exercises

MVVM, MVP is a variant of MVC.

DTO data can serialize transport on a data network

Enterprise Service Bus (business layer)

ORM Persistence mode

Querying some columns

// querying some columns             // var demo1 = from u in db. Ldc_goods_brand            //            Select new {, u.brandname};            var 2 New {oo. Id, Oo. Brandname});             foreach (var in Demo2)
LINQ Lambda

Lambda-expression Paging query

  //Paging Query            varDemo4 = db. Ldc_goods_brand.where<ldc_goods_brand> (UU = uu. Id >0)                //. Orderby<ldc_goods_brand, int> (UU = uu. ID);//Ascending. OrderByDescending (UU = uu. ID)//in descending order. Skip<ldc_goods_brand> (2)//How many lines are crossed?. Take<ldc_goods_brand> (2);//How many bars are taken?//command-type programming functional Programming            #endregion
//Paging query

Developing a website faster: Ruby on rails, imperative programming

IQueryable implements the Ienumable interface

MVC Learning Notes

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