My Ali Frame Upgrade project summary (talk about experience optimization and the continuation of user habits)

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My Ali as Alibaba user's operation backstage, in the preceding two years time, from Ali Assistant, to the work platform, then to my Ali, after several information architecture and the overall adjustment, has built the present foundation frame. Change is always a certain risk, and even cause user resistance and loss, especially similar to my Ali this user-operated function set, the process of change is tangled and painful, and how to minimize such risks, and unknowingly, so that users are accustomed to each point optimization.

Based on the prototype of my Ali framework, I have summed up several key points in the process of optimizing and upgrading the framework to share with you:

First, understand the business background

Before doing a holistic revision, you must be familiar with the business logic and positioning of your current product, including:

Past development: The historical evolution of a product in the past is like a person or a country's past accumulation, there will be worthy of reference and inheritance points.

Current status: Including the scope of business, core value, and user usage (including user groups, user volume and the behavior of mainstream users).

The future specification: the predictable development direction, the clear product to the user's core value, is the invariable orientation.

Second, familiar with user behavior

My Ali has a relatively fixed and stable user groups, the functions are mainly interactive operation, especially the need to pay attention to user feedback and data changes. The analysis of the user's mainstream behavior needs to combine both qualitative and quantitative research methods, qualitative user research methods are many, interviews, questionnaires and so on, the most convenient way is directly to the user advice center and the community to browse users feedback suggestions, if possible, directly from the selection of a few typical users to communicate with them, Can get a lot of users real feelings and use of the scene. Direct feedback from users can help us to quickly find the feeling of the real user, but it is difficult to directly as a common phenomenon to analyze, the need for data analysis to guide. In combination with the collected user feedback and data analysis, the core user behavior and user goals are obtained, which is the direction and goal of the revision.

Third, the overall planning

My Ali and the various business relevance is very close, at the same time involved in the type of surface is also relatively wide, in the framework of the revision, is said to be far-reaching, many related functional applications must stand in a higher, broader perspective of the planning of the Revision program. It can be said that my Ali's business is platform-type content, our work is mainly in the production of product framework, rules and design specifications.

For example, access to my Ali's application is directly with the application of the market Third-party application customization functions to get through, and with the client Ali Wangwang Desktop version of the custom application synchronization, related to the content of the adjustment, need to consider the use of multiple platforms at the same time. In addition the head frame as the overall unification of the toolbar, is also my Ali's symbolic logo, must have the universal applicability in each scene, can let my Ali inside each page has the unity, each channel, the application, the child page all has the sense of belonging; provide the operation portal of the global function page, To provide users with a fast jump switch to avoid wandering in the Web site, and maintain the unity of function and style, always displayed at the top of each page.

Iv. continuity of the product

Product development, like human life, from birth, growth to maturity, eventually to decline, followed by a new life cycle. The process of growth is spiraling, in the whole process of accumulation and precipitation are required to be respected, especially for users of the content in making changes or adjustments, should have a suitable alternative to the user account. There is no forever perfect product, just whether at the right time has the best program to win the user recognition and recognition, and with the promotion of resources and environment continue to develop.

User perspective, the experience is continuous, and as a designer, should have a continuity of design, and familiar with the business logic and user behavior, based on the way to inherit the optimization, to achieve product continuity

Five, step-by-step iterative implementation

We are familiar with the iteration is used in the development of testing and project implementation process, the design process is the same, the final solution by dismantling, step-by-step implementation of the way to reduce the user's cognitive costs, thus minimizing the risk of optimization to achieve the continuity of experience.

This is in my Ali frame upgrade, for the toolbar transformation, is the use of distributed iterative implementation. Toolbar, as the global unified Head, is the platform orientation Guide, the aggregation of the user's most core operation function guide, once a large number of adjustments, will cause many users lost. So we split the entire adjustment process into three steps, interspersed in several projects in the revision:

The implementation of the home page application of personalized customization needs, while retaining the original information content, only in the adjustment of visual style, through the freshness of color to achieve lightweight effect.

The application bar and the channel uncoupling, and at the same time the head three piece of information comb into two.

Put away the custom application bar, change the Application Center to a separate channel, and in order to emphasize this revision, in addition to do the revision guide and help hints, the default state of my application has been strengthened.

The background and process of my Ali Frame upgrade project can be read in the PPT below:

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