My android interview path (4: scare): the road to android

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My android interview path (4: scare): the road to android
Life is full of fear for a second or dark clouds look back, but the sky is wide

Life is full of fear for a second dark clouds look back, but the sky is wide

Congratulations to myself. This afternoon, I received an offer job in Beijing, and I was very happy to get this offer with my good luck. I finally found my job in android.

In the morning, I was anxious. My friend next to me was excited when I received an offer. But in the afternoon, I was shocked by the call from hr. I felt like I love the world.

Speaking of scare

Interviewers always like to scare people. This is what I feel in my current experience. Some people are very kind but also scary!

Scary words:

1. Are you sure you want?

2. Do you usually display the test code like this?

3. Are you sure it cannot be xx?

4. (roommate experience) Why don't you switch to xx? Can you switch to me like xx in this direction?

Be calm when you are scared. For example, an interviewer asks a question.

Can an abstract class be instantiated?

"Obviously not"

Are you sure you want? Abstract classes can also have attributes. There are some methods. Some of its functions can implement specific functions. Are you sure you cannot be instantiated?


I was scared by the unfamiliar or uncertain knowledge points in the current scenario. It may follow the interviewer's pace to say that I can instantiate the statement. (In reality, it will be more scary. multiple examples refute you)

What we need to do now is to think calmly and think carefully. Review calmly. It is the most important thing to stick to our own ideas. Even if we say wrong, we must stick to ourselves.

An abstract class is an abstract concept that is independent from each other and does not exist. It cannot be instantiated like an interface.


For example

What is the life cycle of an activity when the back key is pressed? (Written in the previous blog)

This is what he will seriously ask you. Have you ever seen Logcat? Are you doing this during testing?

I still have to think carefully that I am more determined to stick to my own ideas.


Another example is that when my roommate learns a language for an interview, the interviewer started to ask him seriously when he switched from that language to another language.

If you want to switch to xx, it's especially nice to switch to xx here, for example, xx.

At that time, my roommate felt like she was doing something.

The interviewer said that you are too uncertain to do anything for money.

In fact, how can we answer this question? Should we take the actual situation into consideration?

Ps: My roommate's interview was successful. on the 13th, you know that


In another example, contentView is used to cache listview speed optimization, and ViewHolder is defined to reduce repeated loading of resources by findViewById.

The interviewer will ask you which of the following statements does you think contentView and ViewHolder are better at optimizing the listview speed? In other words, who is the decisive factor?

We all know that caching is a decisive factor, so it is still a decisive factor to stick to your own ideas and shout out the contentView cache mechanism.



The previous article was rejected by the blog garden and sent to the homepage.-Sorry, it's because the length is not enough (I am not doing well-this is also a good knowledge sharing experience. It seems that the length is not enough)

So write more today

There are also some frequently asked questions


What types of android animation are divided?

"Tween and Frame" (I want to cry for gestures and animations because I need to check some details --)


Do you know the MVC mode?

"Model View Controller mode View Controller android inherits this mode from java very well (who said it is not likely to follow this mode)" (please refer to the details)


In xml, how does view draw the system? This is something deep.

"Three-step measure layout Draw" (this is what I remembered after I went back) (please google)


Intent flag (loading mode) Do you know? What is the difference?

"SingleTop standard singleTask singleInstance" ( introduction is more detailed)


In short, today is too scared because after the three sides, the waiting time is also very long and almost no patience (12-18 days)

At that time, android engineers asked a lot about android and only asked about two simple algorithms: Fast sorting and binary search.

On the other hand, the algorithm should not be familiar with android, because when I introduced it, he did not know the broadcast mechanism and asked me whether to intercept text messages and do not need root.

He asked a lot of questions about algorithms, such as the Balance Tree linked list. I was abused, but I still got into three sides.

Three-way hr tests quality. I will write a separate blog tomorrow


The last second was full of dark clouds. I looked back at the sky, scared and pleasantly surprised. Every day, I was filled with hope. This is what I wanted.


Android interview process

Generally, you need to test some basic theoretical questions of java and android first, and then perform an interview. You will be asked about your work experience. If you have a project, you will be asked to talk about your project!
Four components, life cycle, and inter-thread communication are all mandatory .... You should review these knowledge more!
Hope to adopt ......

Android interview questions

1. Preface
In June 26, Google Android released NDK, which aroused the interest of many developers. NDK full
It is called Native Development Kit. Is: /....
2. misunderstanding
In addition to surprises, new things will also bring us some confusion and misunderstanding.
2.1 misunderstanding 1: Android does not support C development before NDK is released
Search for "NDK" in Google, and many "Android can finally be developed using C ++" and so on.
This is a misunderstanding of the Android platform programming method. In fact, since its birth, the Android platform has
Supports C and C ++ development. As we all know, Android sdks are implemented based on Java, which means
Third-party applications developed by the SDK must use the Java language. However, this is not equivalent to "third-party applications can only
Use Java ". At the first release of the Android SDK, Google claimed that its virtual machine Dalvik supported JNI programming.
Method, that is, third-party applications can call their own C dynamic library through JNI, that is, on the Android platform,
The "Java + C" programming method can always be implemented.
Of course, the root cause of this misunderstanding is that no JNI can be found in the Android SDK documentation.
Help. Even if third-party application developers use JNI to complete their own C dynamic link library (so) development
How to package and release the SDK together with the application? There are also technical barriers. I used to spend a lot of time,
Install the cross-compiler to create the so and use the asset (Resource) method to bind the so release. But this method only
It can be a clever way, not an official... the rest of the full text>

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