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Learn about Windows Phone 8 development and make a summary of the learning materials you collect (constantly updated).

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----Windows phone8.1 Development Books, tutorials, resource summariesprogramming Small Dream Windows phone development Onlookers 6,681 times Leave a comment edit date: 2014-10-03 font: Big small

Before the tutorial page of the site was summarized once, but not very clear. Today's small dream in the system to tidy up once. First of all, today's Windows Phone development language can be c#,vb,++,javascript. Small dreams are described in the fashion of C#+xaml development.

0 Basics How to learn Windows Phone App development WP Developing C # Basic Learning

First WP development requires a certain C # base, if you do not have any computer foundation. Small dream Recommended You can learn <<21 c#>> (this book is not possible to learn, but as a beginner is better to accept.) About ASP. The part of Web programming can be ignored first) or the C # basic Grammar video and C # object-oriented video that are recommended for learning to preach intelligence podcasts of course, the video does explain relatively fine, is for the 0 basis. I felt very wordy at the time. And this video lacks the very important knowledge of generics, delegates, LINQ, and so on. can be mended later. After reading this book or finishing this video you have started to learn WP development.

WP Development 0 Basic Learning

The first recommendation is to learn Channel9 's Windows phone8.1 0 Basic Video learning:

English version: Windows Phone 8.1 0 basic introductory video ( note, video supporting source, PDF handout are in English )

Chinese version: Windows Phone 8.1 0 basic Getting Started video Chinese version

WP Development PRIMER Learning

After learning the above video, I believe you have a certain concept of WP, the following recommended learning:

<< Windows Phone 8.1 app development >>

WP development in depth

After finishing this book, I believe you should be able to write a simple application. But believe that if you are the 0 basis and follow my advice, you are not understanding the details of the application development in WindowsPhone 8.1. So now we should continue to practice the internal strength, recommended learning:

<<c# Illustrated tutorial >> (small dream Read it once again, the explanation is very easy to understand, especially with the map, too in place!), finish this book believe your internal strength should be greatly improved of course there are < proficient c#> this book, but it is estimated that the average person can see the thickness of the book is afraid, A total of 1200 pages. This book, in addition to the C # itself, also explains the. NET,ASP.NET,WPF,WF,WCF and other knowledge. Suggestions can be used as reference books, of course, if time permitting, you can read it carefully.
At the same time recommended learning << wpf>> ( small dream Read more than once, this book has some supporting video. Can own Baidu. Really good, you will understand when you read it)

WP Development advanced

Recommended Learning:

<< in-depth understanding of Windows Phone 8.1UI control programming >> (I believe you will only feel the classic of this book if you have a foundation for C # and WPF! And the more you develop your application, the more you realize the importance of the UI!)

Also recommended for learning Channel9 's Advanced video tutorials for Windows phone8.1 development:

Video Address: Http://

Matching Ppt: in the book

Video Supporting Source: Https://,.zip &authkey=! APLUMWF01E3WVQA (note, due to the DNS of the Chinese screen OneDrive, please download the software opendns. Download to normal download) ( source code must be careful study, you will reap a lot!)

WP Development RESOURCES site:
    • CHANNEL9 website: Just two sets of videos are from Channel9, there are many excellent learning videos, but all in English. (The importance of English is behind me in stressing!)
    • MSDN: We must develop a problem first in the MSDN find the habit, there is a lot of information, but also very authoritative, there are many sample code, is a good learning resources.
    • Microsoft Virtual Academy: There are many video tutorials about Microsoft technology, but many are English, of course, there are also Chinese, we should also think of this place for tutorials.
    • Blog Park: Blog Park is a professional It technology sharing blog, you can focus on the Windows PHONE,C#,WPF aspects of the article, the development process encountered difficulties can also try to find a solution to the problem.
    • Programming small dream: Programming small Dream focus on Windows Phone app development, will continue to collect, original Windows Phone development tutorial. Programming small dream also has a forum, hope to have time to turn around, currently there is almost no active Windows Phone forum, all small dream hope everyone can come to small dream of the Windows Phone Development forum, let it active!
    • is a very good question and answer site, many of the problems before the small dream are found in the domestic resources without fruit in the case of the site to find the answer. (All English, of course)
    • Http:// is an open source website, but there are also a lot of technical articles. Small dream in-depth study MVVM time in this above read several articles, speak very good!
WP8.1 development can be reference books:

<< Windows Phone 8 application development >>:

Chapter 11 of the book : the MVVM pattern. Chapter 14 Asynchronous programming and parallel programming. 20 Chapter responsive programming deserves to be studied carefully! belongs to the internal strength series, do not know why Lin teacher will this 3 parts deleted. (so there are WP8 this book, these 3 chapters seriously study it!)

<< Windows 8.1 application development >>:

In addition to the 7th chapter, almost all other chapters are applicable to WP8.1 development. You can have a look at this book.

WP development encountered difficulties how to do:

In our self-study WP development process, must sometimes encounter our short time can not solve the problem, hard thinking and not solution. What are we going to do?

start by finding the books around you and looking for answers from similar or possible examples. (Yesterday in the Forum to help forestry Administration teachers to promote the new book, someone very Dick said he made WP development never read. I really do not know how strong he is, we do not say from a better than our people will certainly learn something, even if you are far stronger than a person, you may also be from the person to gain. A big mouth, Small dream to help a novice debugging a complete application, he wrote for several weeks, I have been in the forum to answer his questions, and finally he said he debugging for a long time debugging can not come out wrong. Finally I promised myself to help him debug (in fact, I have been debugging their own application, dead and alive can not find a solution, That situation also help others debugging, I admire myself this sentiment) I debug time is not long to solve the problem, his code thousands of lines in the Mainpage.xaml.cs, to tell the truth, I really admire. Of course, what surprised me was that he was very plain, The original way to customize the implementation of the Timepicer control, the effect is similar to the basketball game score card that effect, swipe up and down to change the time, the overall UI effect is much better than the system, but also in the current page. So much nonsense, just to get a child to know the truth: One: Around must have the basic authority of the relevant development books! Two: Do not despise people than you are weaker than you, perhaps he will bring you harvest!)

second, look for answers from MSDN , note that MSDN has forums, official documents, code libraries, blogs. These resources should not be turned over. Of course, MSDN has a comprehensive search, search, these results will be displayed.

Down once from the Blog Park, Stackoverflow,codeproject, looking for answers. Of course, don't forget the programming Little dream.

Have not found, Baidu, Bing, Google related keywords The first 10 pages to see again!

Still did not find, that is in the programming Small Dream, MSDN post Message Bar. (The small dream will certainly answer, generally up to 12 hours will have a response.)

It's still not settled! How about the grass? After a period of time, I tried to debug the next program, or bold to experiment! Little Dreams N many times have explored their own answers, and since the exploration of the process of trying to learn more.

Still did not solve, collapsed! then directly contact the domestic WP development of the big God-level characters it! who Ah, oh, you find yourself, smart you in my blog will be found, in fact, this article is listed behind.

Small dreams need to be reminded that asking the big God is your ultimate weapon! And the ultimate weapon is not to be used more. Every great God is very busy, has his own work, life. So think twice before you ask! There are too basic problems, Baidu home will show the problem certainly do not disturb the great God. Little Dream Build station for half a year, Also helped to answer more than my small white developers, some of the friends of the question really let me have a wry smile to feel, direct Baidu can get answers, super-basic questions to chase questions, one by one asked. I was devastated. (Small dream when the monitor of 14 years, still very self-restraint, some bearing).

Small dream really thank Forestry administration, Zhou Jiahan, Shaolen, Li Yonglun (like now do not engage WP). Wait for someone to help me! WP Development learning materials: Programming Small Dream Series:
  • Everyone API interface in Windows Phone 8.1 call description
  • WP8.1 Development: Simple recorder
  • WP8.1 Development: MVVM begins
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Development: A detailed background task
  • Adhere to the WP camp, full struggle!
  • WP8.1 Development: Custom Controls
  • WP8.1 Development: Navigation Package
  • WP8.1 development: Simple Weather forecast Application
  • WP8.1 development: XML read China Meteorological Bureau API City Code
  • wp8.1httpclient Example: Get Province, city, county name
  • WP8.1 Development: Value Converter implementation
  • Implementation of WP8.1 development INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
  • WP8.1 development of image encoding and decoding
  • WP8.1 development to obtain latitude and longitude
  • Windows Phone Development: DataBinding data binding
  • Small Dream Windows Phone 8.1 application Development Combat II: page Navigation detailed
  • Windows Phone 8.1 development: the powerful Contentdialog
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Development: Lock Screen Reminders
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Development: Magnets | Tile update
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Development: Toast notification in detail
  • Little Dream Touch programming two years of sentiment
  • Windows Phone 8.1 development: File selector Filesavepicker
  • Windows Phone 8.1 development: File selector Fileopenpicker
  • WP8.1 Small Dream Dictionary Development 2: Baidu translation API use
  • Windows Phone 2048 tutorial Source 2: Initialize
  • Little Dream Windows Phone 8.1 development: Voice reading
  • Small Dream Windows Phone 8.1 development: Socket Communication Chat
  • Little Dream Dictionary WP8.1 app release
  • A detailed description of the Windows Phone 8.1 development OneDrive operation
  • WP8.1 Small Dream Dictionary Development 1: PowerWord API use
  • The Windows Phone 8.1 development SQLite database operation detailed
  • Windows Phone 2048 game source code
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Development SQLite Database Reference installation
  • Use Metro Studio to design windows Phone icons, logos, pictures
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Development: Touch and Pointer Events 2
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Development video Series Tutorials
  • "In-depth Windows 8.1 application development" source code video
  • Windows Phone 8.1 development: Touch and Pointer events 1
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Development Tutorials | examples | Tips Summary
  • Windows Phone 8.1 FlipView for automatic photo browsing
  • 0 Basic Windows Phone 8 App Development Video Tutorial Summary
  • Windows Phone Development Engineer Recruitment terms
  • Holiday, will soon be a lot of updates!
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Common launcher instances
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Development Video Tutorial 3:xaml Introduction
  • 0 Basics How to learn Windows Phone app development
  • Windows Phone 2048 tutorial source 1:ui layout
  • Small dream Windows Phone 8.1 app development Combat 11: ListView Dropdown Auto Refresh List
  • Small Dream Windows Phone 8.1 application development Practice Ten: Photography
  • Windows Phone Development Quick Start Video Tutorial Summary
  • Small Dream Windows Phone 8.1 application development Combat nine: ListBox automatically refresh page load
  • Small dream Windows Phone 8.1 app development Combat Five: Save read photos
  • Small Dream Windows Phone 8.1 application Development Combat eight: dynamic loading of XAML
  • Small dream Windows Phone 8.1 app development combat seven: ListBox
  • Small Dream Windows Phone 8.1 application development Combat three: life cycle management
  • Small Dream Windows Phone 8.1 application Development Combat VI: Itemcontrol
  • Small Dream Windows Phone 8.1 application development Combat four: Xml,json serialization and deserialization
  • Small dream Windows Phone 8.1 app development combat one: Windows Phone 8.1SDK Download installation
Zhou Jia an WP series: (<< in layman's Windows 8.1 application development >> author, helped the small dream several times)
    • "WP Dev" plays sound when the phone screen is lit.
    • "WP Development" correctly understand page caching
    • "WP development" using a magnetic tilt meter
    • "WP 8.1 Development" electronic compass
    • WP 8.1 Development "solve the camera rollover problem (Runtimeapp article)
    • "WP 8.1 development" How to handle the problem of camera rollover
    • "WP 8.1 Development" resolves the problem of calling real camera crashes
    • How to use the "WP 8.1 development" File picker
    • Nokia Lumia upgrades Windows Phone 8.1 via PC
    • "WP 8.1 Development" How to plug a custom font into your application
    • "WP 8.1 Development" Use of custom (RAW) notifications
    • WP 8.1 Development "Mobile client app receives push notifications
    • "WP 8.1 development" push notification test service-side program
    • Speech recognition in WP (bottom): voice commands
    • Speech recognition in WP (TOP): basic recognition
Shaolen WP series: (Shaolen teacher in MSDN very active, helped me several times) Windows Phone 8.1 new features – Store launch protocol Windows Phone 8.1 new features – Common launcher Windows Phone 8.1 new features – Control FL Ipview Windows Phone 8.1 new features – Page navigation Windows Phone 8.1 new features – Control List selection Control Windows Phone 8.1 new features – Control app bar Wang Lei Windows 8.1 series: (Note: Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8. Similarity of more than 70)
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (72) – New controls: AppBar, CommandBar
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (73) – New controls: DatePicker, Timepicker
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (74) – New controls: Flyout, Menuflyout, Settingsflyout
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (75) – New controls: Hub, Hyperlink
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (76) – New controls: SearchBox
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (77) – Control Enhancements: Text class control enhancements, partial controls Add Header property and HeaderTemplate property, partial controls Add Placeholdertext property
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (78) – Control enhancements: ScrollViewer, FlipView, Popup
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (79) – Control enhancements: MediaElement, Frame
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (80) – Control enhancements: WebView's basic application, POST data, and JavaScript interaction
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (81) – Control enhancements: Load local HTML, intelligently replace URL references in HTML, share WebView content through Share contract, WebView
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (82) – Bindings: Datacontextchanged, Targetnullvalue, Fallbackvalue, UpdateSourceTrigger
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (83) – New features for file systems
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (84) – New features of image processing, new features of Share contract
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (86) – New features of the system UI: Theme, Variable window width, Applicationview, displayinformation
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (87) –tts:speak Text, Speak SSML
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (88) – New features of communications: New HttpClient
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (89) – New features of communications: downloading data, uploading data, uploading files
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (90) – New features of communication: Caching control of HTTP requests via Httpbaseprotocolfilter, and Cookie Read and write; Custom HTTPFilter; Other
  • Re-imagining Windows 8.1 Store Apps (91) – new features for background tasks: new features for downloading and uploading, pre-downloading of network resources before program start, other new features of background tasks
Li Yonglun WPMVVM Combat series:

Http:// This tutorial is very classic, although it is aimed at WP7, but I believe you will reap a lot! Also recommended to learn the MVVM pattern you can learn << from inspiration to implementation, build your first Windows Phone 7.5 app >> Note Online series and entity book or there are many different, this book is worth buying.

Christmas Knight WPF series: (Unfortunately, this series of tutorials is not done.) but only the dependency properties are worth learning.

1. WPF Foundation to Enterprise application series The beginning is beneficial

· 2. WPF Foundation to Enterprise application series 2--WPF past Life

· 3. WPF Basic to Enterprise Application series 3--WPF Development ramble

· 4. WPF Foundation to Enterprise Application series 4--WPF Millennium Cycle

· 5. WPF Foundation to Enterprise Application series 5--WPF Millennium Recurrent Frontier

· 6. WPF Basic to Enterprise application series 6--WPF layout Full contact

· 7. WPF Foundation to Enterprise Application series 7--deep Anatomy of dependency properties (CORE)

· 8. WPF Foundation to Enterprise Application series 8--dependency properties

Not to be continued.

I've been writing for 2 hours. I think it's useful. support the small dream Oh!
    • This article fixed link:
    • Reprint Please specify: Programming Little Dream September 28, 2014 in Programming Little Dream published

My Windows Phone 8

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