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I finally resigned.
It's a tough time to start looking for a job after the Spring Festival and resign today. I want to leave the original company, but it is still a little reluctant. The leaders and colleagues are excellent, but everyone has their own reasons to resign. Here I just want to write down my resignation process and thoughts. On the one hand, I encourage myself to cheer for the future, and on the other hand, I will give other siblings an experience :)
I signed a five-year contract when I came to O's organization. At that time, I just graduated, and O's account was settled, so I didn't think so much. I didn't even read the contract again, it is suggested that a friend who just graduated or wants to sign a contract should take a good look at the contract and sign it again. These are related to his future things. Even if he didn't want to contract anything at the time, he must understand the liability for default, the stock market cannot predict, not to mention the individual's decision.
My girlfriend hasn't graduated at work, so I had nothing to do on a business trip at that time. But when my girlfriend graduated, it became a big problem on a business trip. So things always change. We can't take everything into consideration, but we can think about things more.
Let's talk about some things you should pay attention to when leaving the company. Generally, the contract will indicate one month in advance, but there is generally no point in looking for jobs underground. Therefore, you must think about the time when you can start your job during the interview, on the one hand, it will not delay the re-recruitment of the O unit to take over your job. On the one hand, it will leave yourself some time, and it will not violate the provisions of the contract. Of course, if n unit is very worried, if you really want to go there, it's another matter.
We are not forced to leave the company easily, because it is difficult to adapt to the new environment and establish new interpersonal relationships. In addition, we need to rent a house and change our previous work habits. If I have to resign, I have to think about liquidated damages. Now, the liquidated damages stipulated by Beijing cannot exceed the total salary of the workers in the past 12 months. However, I consulted a lawyer, the total salary should include basic salary, bonus, and provident fund, so the total salary is still quite large. (Also, do not offend personnel leaders at ordinary times. It's so tired ).
During the interview, I have to negotiate with company n about the following items: the position, work time, vacation status, and treatment (before tax or after tax) of my new job (what is my job) whether there are any bonuses, whether there is insurance, how long the contract is generally signed, whether the account is settled, whether the liquidated damages of company O can be paid, and so on. This is what we think of now. Before the interview, it is best to list the questions that may be asked. Don't be confused (like me ).
Now I have come up with so many ideas. I wish you a new and happy start and hope you can enjoy your work.

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