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This article introduces a small open-source project: AAC format analyzer. The full name of AAC is Advanced Audio Coding, which is a widely used Audio encoding format on the Internet and the best Audio encoding format at present. A large part of existing videos on the Internet use AAC for audio encoding. Developed Using MFC of VC 2010. Faad2, an open source decoder of AAC, was used during development. Currently, the analysis function of the software is not very powerful, and some parameters in the AAC decoding process are extracted. We will have time to further improve relevant functions.

The software's exe and source code have been uploaded to SourceForge.

Software SourceForge address:

CSDN (Program + source code):

Software usage

The use of software is quite simple.

After the software runs, open an AAC file (or an M4A file ).

Note: AAC files are unencapsulated audio streams. The M4A file is an AAC encapsulated in MPEG-4 standard Encapsulation Format.

Click Start. The software starts decoding the AAC audio file. The decoding process is displayed on the right, and the information extracted from the decoding process is displayed on the left.

In the lower left corner of the software, you can set the format of the original audio sample data (PCM or WAV ).

English interface:

Software source code analysis

The source code is not much different from the common MFC program. People who know MFC should be able to understand it quickly. The only difference is that faad2, an open-source project, has been modified. Annotations are made in many places.

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