My response and conjecture about the recent algorithm fine-tuning of Baidu

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Every month as the internet, something happens, even every day, still remember a few months ago, green Luo algorithm, a lot of trading links in the site overnight in Baidu removed, part-time this industry friendship Link Exchange site is also a great injury, then Baidu launched some of the revised and purification Network plan, Increase the quality of the Internet to improve the Internet to the user Life service effect.

July 24 night Baidu algorithm again adjusted, as far as I know the day many educational sites are more or less affected, my two sites are. One of the Arts Banner Art Network (main analysis), art college Entrance examination of the Web site, must be affected. It's just that this adjustment has made me pregnant and worried. Sad is the site included a page to reduce the 2000+, from 6000+ to 4000+, and we have been updating the content of the situation is still a small drop in the daily, Baidu Index volume is also so, this is the night back to the feeling of liberation.

But Baidu closed the door for you, and may open a window for you. It is gratifying that the number of our Baidu entries from 14th, 1, 16th number 16, and then the ranking is also slowly on the birth, and recently has 4 words on the Search home page, although the ranking is 6, 7, 7, 10, but it really gave some psychological comfort.


Baidu a single Big I can only follow its footsteps, is the so-called "Baidu abuse my times, I treat Baidu as first love." Included in the problem still have to hurry to solve, find solutions. Previously updated content, mostly from institutions or related sites to find the message content on the site, but after 24th, the content will not be included. So I want to go from the official website of the major enrollment information network to get the latest information information, and then a few days of camping for information, desperate speed forwarding, to ensure the temporary rarity, and then continue to find no effect. Then consider the need to increase the ability to do their own hands. Let editors as far as possible manual original readability articles, every day to maintain, but also to do a good job in the chain, analysis of the main key words, as far as possible to insert a natural harmony keyword.

After the original struggle, found that the effect is not very ideal, reasoning may be too low weight, Baidu's original sense of smell of low weight of the site is not sensitive to our content to maintain a skeptical attitude, it is estimated that we all have feelings. A good article, placed in the weight of the site, Baidu all kinds of not to see, not to eat. A common article, placed in the high weight of the site, that is a meal, Baidu Ma slipped on the run to chew, and the ranking will be very good, this may be the brand trust it. But the total feeling Baidu this is a lack of, hope Baidu can adjust to increase webmaster's original positive degree.

All right, back to the adjustment of our site, included in the decline, after I passed some means of testing, finally found a new content method will be included. This site has a content Download section, will organize some e-books, art tutorials refer to the document for users to download, when we do not include the article, I found that these downloads are very easy to download the content of the page is included, I have done a few days of testing, hair is basically a few minutes will be included, And the title of the topic and other articles will be included as well. I guess it may be because the crawl on Baidu will be based on the content of the different classification, the previous is the article template, now is the download template, Baidu people in order to be new things, and the same industry did not do so, Baidu thought is original content, this point hope to bring some inspiration.

My other website, Beijing Hua stage name Studio is also the education class, the weight of this site than art flag art to high, although the day is also reduced 400+ included, but later in the day did not slow down included, new things included or very fast, plus the recent college entrance examination, admitted to a good university students wrote a college entrance examination speech, Our website is published, because this is a high-quality original bar, so included are very good, we strive to do a good job in the chain, hope to be able to bring better, with good band difference.

After so many days of observation, my other speculation is that the Baidu adjustment, is in the test of the weight of the low site to survive, I hope the webmaster can survive the difficulties, the future better future efforts.

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