My solution to the problem of SECURECRT remote connection failure

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Using VirtualBox to build a ubuntu14.04 system environment, in order to eliminate the host and virtual machine directly to each other directly switching between the frequent operation, so think of the use of SECURECRT connection, but there is a connection problem, problems such as:

I would like to connect through the root account directly login, but direct error, search a lot of posts and connections, tried several methods, but the result is not connected

This is the command to restart the SSH service, and some people answer that the SSH service is client,server and that it should be sshd:

View the SSH process

At this point, the Ubuntu forum, someone met with me the same problem,

Look at their comments and replies after their own attempt to operate, the problem has not been resolved, during the period to view some files, such as configuration files and so there is no problem.

After looking at other people's suggestions, uninstall SSH and reinstall to see if there is a problem with the installation, execute the following command:

Enter/ETC/INIT.D/SSH Start command in terminal, turn on service, result SecureCRT still can't connect, view process also have no harvest:

Finally, I think of the previous use of putty, there have been similar problems, when the direct use of the root account login is rejected, so just use the normal account after the switch account is good, so far, the results are quite clear, I use the SECURECRT when the user account login, and then switch , around a big bend, and back again.

My solution to the problem of SECURECRT remote connection failure

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