My view of interactive growth: What kind of interaction is a good interaction?

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Today participated in the UXDAY9 activity, listened to Baidu business ued interactive designer Henry's wonderful sharing. A lot of real life cases tell us how interaction is a good interaction. The discussion link Liuhao, with several designers outside chatted for two hours.

In particular, I would like to make a statement on the subject of the discussion, and write here to discuss it with you.

Question one: Is interaction design an advanced step in visual design?

Blueui: The answer is in the negative.

Interactive design, visual design, user research, product managers, programmers, test engineers are part of the product design, perhaps the name in different companies have different names. There is no difference between positions. Position is just one way we cut into the product design. They can all develop into product master designers (most of the company's product manager is the Product Manager assistant, not the real meaning of the leader of the product design.) )

Interactive, visual, with the research is three clear professional line direction, the first-order designers have a skill can be qualified-user experience design engineer. At present, the phenomenon of visual interchange is more serious, and probably all have the following three kinds of impractical ideas:

1. Visual needs continuous creative design, bitter, tired, dirty, is an individual can make suggestions on the design. and interactive focus on logic, the answer is relatively unique, less divided.

(stating that you are not suitable for visual design, any position will be bitter, tired, dirty)

2. Interactive design is closer to product decision-making, can really affect products, have a sense of achievement. Vision is just to make a skin.

(The distance lies in initiative, not in position.) )

3. Interactive designers can later develop into a brilliant product manager, stealing music.

If you want to become a chef, simply cook. )

Sometimes I interview a designer, he/she can answer his career plan like this: "I am now a visual designer, want to learn the interactive knowledge in your company gradually, make a good product, three or four years later, turn to be the product manager." "My advice is:" You can apply directly to the Product manager position. "Or that remark, three parallel posts, without sort. Line out the champion, this everyone can see the industry successful people. No, no, no, no, no one feels fess.

Question two: What is the standard of good interactive design?

Blueui: I think, good interactive design is in line with product direction, product function design, is the product direction value maximization program.

Product design is a pyramid structure. Product Direction--impact--product function--impact--interactive design--impact--visual design--> user experience.

Good user experience is everyone in the same direction and goal, work together to create, not a single link of credit.

For example, the goal of Baidu search is to make people equal and convenient to obtain the request. So the design that conforms to this value idea is good. At this level, we will not be able to design a dynamic display of the search results list, because it will be in the animation process to waste user time. (Although the animation display more natural, comfortable, cool ~)

So I think, good interaction design is in line with product direction, product function design, is the product direction value maximization program. Also for vision, for product managers.

Question three: How to do wireless interactive design?

Blueui: After a period of time to publish an article, is related to it, then you can communicate with you in detail.

Question four: How to convince the product manager and the Boss?

Blueui: Would like to talk about "how to communicate with product managers and bosses." ”

As designers, we are products, companies, users of the bridge between the three. It is important to balance the needs of the three people. We know that the boss to one months online, but also to push a special good but to develop a four-month plan, of course, will hit the wall, but also describe the boss as fatuous. If we can balance the "one-month online" and "four months later on the line" of the pros and cons, then the promotion program is easy.

Communication or transposition thinking, do not always think of PK, always want to convince. Think about our common goal-the direction of the product. (so also please the product design of each link to promote full understanding of product direction, unified understanding of product value.) This is united)

Question Five: Interaction Design 3.0 = Product Manager?

Blueui: See the interactive product manager, see the product manager to interact. The view is no change, how to change can not achieve their satisfaction. More want to see interactive designers after a long period of effort to develop into product owners, I believe this is what we want to do.

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