MyBatis paging Implementation (MySQL)

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Beginner MyBatis paged query; includes unconditional pagination and conditional paging

Package Cn.buaa.mybatis.app3;public class Student {private Integer id;private String name;private Double sal;public stude NT (Integer ID, String name, Double Sal) {super (); = Id; = Name;this.sal = sal;} Public Student () {super ();} Public Integer GetId () {return ID;} public void SetId (Integer id) { = ID;} Public String GetName () {return name;} public void SetName (String name) { = name;} Public Double Getsal () {return sal;} public void Setsal (Double sal) {this.sal = sal;} @Overridepublic String toString () {return "Student [id=" + ID + ", name=" + name + ", sal=" + sal + "]";}}

Package Cn.buaa.mybatis.app3;import Java.util.linkedhashmap;import Java.util.list;import java.util.Map;import Org.apache.ibatis.session.sqlsession;import cn.buaa.mybatis.util.mybatisutil;/** * Persistent layer * * @author sycamore under the yin * */public clas  s Studentdao {/** * add student */public void Add (Student Student) throws Exception {sqlsession sqlsession = null;try {sqlsession = Mybatisutil.getsqlsession (); Sqlsession.insert (Student.class.getName () + ". Add", Student);//Things submitted Sqlsession.commit ();} catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); Sqlsession.rollback (); throw e;} finally {mybatisutil.closesqlsession ()}} /** * Unconditional Paging */public list<student> findallwithfy (int start,int size) throws Exception {sqlsession sqlsession = null; try {sqlsession = Mybatisutil.getsqlsession (); map<string,object> map = new linkedhashmap<string,object> (), Map.put ("Pstart", start), Map.put ("Psize", size); list<student> studentlist = sqlsession.selectlist (Student.class.getName () + ". Findallwithfy", map); return Studentlist;} catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); throw e;} finally {mybatisutil.closesqlsession ();}}  /** * Conditional Paging */public list<student> findallbynamewithfy (String name,int start,int size) throws Exception {sqlsession Sqlsession = null;try {sqlsession = Mybatisutil.getsqlsession (); map<string,object> map = new linkedhashmap<string,object> (), Map.put ("pname", "%" +name+ "%"), Map.put (" Pstart ", start); Map.put (" psize ", size); list<student> studentlist = sqlsession.selectlist (Student.class.getName () + ". Findallbynamewithfy", map); return studentlist;} catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); throw e;} finally {mybatisutil.closesqlsession ();}} Test public static void main (string[] args) throws Exception {Studentdao dao = new Studentdao ();/*for (int i = 1; i < 1 1; i++) {Dao.add (new Student (I, "hehe", 7000D));} */system.out.println ("-----------------------------first page"); list<student> studentlist = dao.findallbynamewithfy ("Ah", 0, 3); for (Student student:studentlist) { System.out.println (student.tostring ());} System.out.println ("---------------second page--------------"); list<student> studentList2 = dao.findallbynamewithfy ("Ah", 3, 3); for (Student Student:studentlist2) { System.out.println (Student.tostring ());} System.out.println ("---------------The third page--------------"); list<student> studentlist3= dao.findallbynamewithfy ("Ah", 6, 3); for (Student Student:studentlist3) { System.out.println (Student.tostring ());} System.out.println ("---------------on page Fourth--------------"); list<student> studentlist4= dao.findallbynamewithfy ("Ah", 9, 3); for (Student Student:studentlist4) { System.out.println (Student.tostring ());}}}

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"? ><! DOCTYPE Mapper Public "-// mapper 3.0//en" "Http://" >< Mapper namespace= "Cn.buaa.mybatis.app3.Student" > <resultmap type= "cn.buaa.mybatis.app3.Student" id= "Studentm AP "> <id property=" id "column=" t_id "/> <result property=" name "column=" T_name "/> <r Esult property= "Sal" column= "T_sal"/> </resultMap> <insert id= "Add" parametertype= "Cn.buaa.mybat Is.app3.Student "> INSERT into Students (T_id,t_name,t_sal) VALUES (#{id},#{name},#{sal}) </inse Rt> <!--unconditional Inquiry-<select id= "findallwithfy" parametertype= "map" resultmap= "Studentmap" &G                T   Select T_id,t_name,t_sal from students limit #{pstart},#{psize} </select> <!-- Conditional query--<select id= "findallbynamewithfy" parametertype= "map" resultmap= "studEntmap "> select T_id,t_name,t_sal from students where t_name like #{pname} Limit #{pstart},#{psize} </select></mapper>

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"? ><! DOCTYPE configuration Public "-// Config 3.0//en" "Http://" >  <configuration> <!--properties file under load Classpath--<properties resource= ""/> <!-- Setting type aliases--<typealiases > <typealias type= "cn.buaa.mybatis.app1.Student" alias= "Student "/> </typeAliases> <!--set the default connection environment information--<environments default=" Mysql_developer "&G               T <!--connect the environment with a unique name--<environment id= "Mysql_developer" > <!                        --MyBatis using JDBC things management--<transactionmanager type= "JDBC" ></transactionManager>                                <!--MyBatis Use connection pooling to get connected--<datasource type= "Pooled" > <property name= "Driver" value= "Com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"/>                               <property name= "url" value= "Jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/emp"/> <property name= "username" value= "root"/> <property name= "password" value=                                "123456"/> </dataSource> </environment> <!--connect the environment with a unique name--<environment id= "Oracle_developer" > &L t;!                        --MyBatis using JDBC things management--<transactionmanager type= "JDBC" ></transactionManager>                                <!--MyBatis Use connection pooling to get connected--<datasource type= "Pooled" >                                <property name= "Driver" value= "Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"/> <property name= "url" value= "Jdbc:oracle:thin: @localhost: 1521/orcl"/> <prope Rty name= "username" VAlue= "Zhangdong"/> <property name= "password" value= "123456"/>        </dataSource> </environment> </environments> <!--load map files-- <mappers> <mapper resource= "Cn/buaa/mybatis/app1/studentmapper.xml"/> <ma Pper resource= "Cn/buaa/mybatis/app2/studentmapper.xml"/> <mapper resource= "Cn/buaa/mybatis/app3/stude Ntmapper.xml "/> </mappers></configuration>

mysql.driver=com.mysql.jdbc.drivermysql.url=jdbc:mysql:// 123456oracle.driver=oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriveroracle.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@ rcloracle.username=rootoracle.password=123456

MyBatis paging Implementation (MySQL)

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