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has been used jseclipse, writing common JS is very good, grammar check from needless to say, automatic complement is also very good, just do not support jquery and other libraries, now develop JS which can still leave them ah, today on the internet suddenly found a spket, really be encounter, Common JS automatic complement of course no problem, more valuable is that it also supports jquery, Extjs, YUI, Mootools, Prototype ... Wait for the library, let's say how to install it.

The first nature is to open eclipse-->help-->install new Software, look at the figure:

This is the first step, just follow the picture. Then Next-->:


When it is finished, OK, the middle may pop-up warning box, directly "confirm" on the line.

Restart eclipse below, then window-->preferences

Then click New in the upper right corner and type in the pop-up dialog: jquery, select jquery, click Add Library, and select jquery as shown in the pop-up dialog box:

Then click Add File, select your jquery file, and finally figure:

After testing to support jquery 1.4, you're done (note: If you don't automatically prompt for jquery functions, try doing it again), other libraries are similar.

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