MyEclipse Java Build Path detailed

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1. Set "source folder" and "Output folder".

* Source folder: The root directory where the. Java source files are stored;
* Output Folder:.class The root directory of the compiled outputs;
* Pure Java project, the "src" is generally set to the source folder, the bin is set to output folder;
* In Web project, "src" is generally set to source folder, Web-inf/classes is set to output

folder (the default settings for Eclipse above)
* "Source" tab in "Java Build path": This is used to set the "source folder" and "output

Folder ", the default settings for the above eclipse are generally used;

* Right-click "Properties", "Java Build path", "source", "Output folder", point "browser"

Select a folder to be the root directory, ok!

* When you create a new Java project, if you click "Next" instead of the direct dot "finish", set a

"Source folder" (e.g. "src"). ), the default "output folder" is usually "project name/bin", using

The default bin is output folder.

* If "src" is not set to source folder in the "Source" tab of the "Java Build path", the "src" file

The package in the. java file should be added as a bundle name, for example:
"SRC" is not set to source Folder:package;
"src" setting for source Folder:package Com.decisiontree;

It feels like the source folder is the location. Java source file root The meaning of it, that is, the meaning of it with the package is so little area


* If no output folder is set, the default output path is: Under the same folder as the. java file.

* You can use the "Add Folder" option to set any folder under "project name" to be "source folder";

* or you can use the "Link Source" option to import any folder as "Source";

2.Projects refers to whether related searches are associated with other items. This search, similar to path, has a range of functions.
3.Libraries is used to manage class libraries, including the addition and deletion of external class libraries.
4.Order and export have two properties. The higher the priority of the call, the higher the priority on the top of the call. For example, in the case of the same name as the same package, the search call will be performed first from top to bottom, and the difference between tick and no tick is whether the contents of the library are packaged into jars when the jar is exported, and are not included.

MyEclipse Java Build Path detailed

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