MySkin is similar to QQ skin. It has a beautiful software interface and myskin imitation.

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MySkin is similar to QQ skin. It has a beautiful software interface and myskin imitation.

MySkin is similar to QQ skin and has a beautiful software interface. Supports transparent effects, shadow borders, any color change, custom background, and a full set of native winform controls.

QQ2013/2014 skin is also the default skin of MySkin, and can be used without any settings.

Official Website:


1. Create a project, reference the related version MySkin. dll, or add it to the toolbox and drag and drop the control.

2. Create a new FORM and inherit from MySkin. SkinForm. SkinBaseForm or SkinStandardForm to have a beautiful FORM interface.

3. Nine custom beautification controls are now available. Controls reference:


1. built-in skin replacement function

Set SkinVisible = true to display the skin replacement button. You can open the skin replacement form. For example:

The skin replacement form is similar to the QQ skin replacement function. The first is to change the skin background color, and the other is to change the background image. You can completely customize the background image and copy the image folder to the program running directory.

Reference: V = 1 & id = 27

You can switch to the 2013/2014 skin, set whether there is a shadow border, and set the transparency of the form glass.

2. Change the background color

Numerous background color schemes are one of the highlights of MySkin. They can be used directly and instantly available.

3. Some commonly used controls have been defined. For example:

In particular, ListBox, ComboBox, and Panel implement the QQ-like scroll bar effect.

MessageBox is also beautifying and beautiful.


During skin settings, the configuration file skin. ini is automatically generated. During packaging, you must copy the latest version of skin. ini to package it together.


Here are some more information:



Download Demo


Beautiful pictures suitable for qq interface skin

You can select those pale purple images or pink ones.

I downloaded the qq login interface skin, but how can I get a pretty QQ login interface skin?

First, download the downloaded QQ interface skin to the local device, then enable QQ to change the skin appearance, and then there is a "+" symbol in the lower right corner. Click it to go to the local file, you can find the place where your skin is saved and select the skin you want to change. I hope you will be satisfied with my answers...

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