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MySQL announced the benchmark test results for the Cluster database. recently, MySQL, an open-source database developer, announced the latest MySQL GradeEdition (MySQLCluster telecom-grade version) database DBT2 benchmark test results at the 2007 MySQL Conference.

The test was completed in collaboration with Intel and DolphinInterconnectSolutions.

The benchmark test results show the high scalability of MySQL Cluster CarrierGradeEdition. the Cluster with eight nodes can process 100,000 transactions per minute. In this test, the latest dual-core Intelreg; Xeonreg; processor has taken an important step in scalability, it is shown that the testing speed is improved by 75% (1) compared with the previous generation of IntelXeon processor systems ).

"Through cooperation with leading technical partners, we are very proud of the amazing scalability of MySQL open source database technology ." "This result is mainly from the recent performance enhancement development of MySQLCluster CarrierGradeEdition, this makes it able to process millions of transactions per minute with sufficient configuration."

"Based on dual-core Intelreg; Xeonreg; the MySQL highly reliable cluster database on the processor system brings great value to telecom users and provides a cost-effective solution on Intel performance servers ." "Intel and MySQL Cluster and DophinICS work closely together to optimize the solution," said PareshPattani, director of high-performance scientific computing at Intel Software and Solutions division, the MySQLCluster test results on the latest dual-core IntelXeon processor are outstanding. We expect Cluster performance to be better on Intel quad-core Xeon processors ."

In this benchmark, the new DolphinExpress adapter provided low-latency and high-performance connections between Cluster nodes. This solution has a significant impact on the response time of the cluster, which can lead to performance improvement of more than three times in some tests, and the throughput also increases dramatically, especially in large clusters.

"Through cooperation with MySQL, we strive to provide market-leading database performance solutions ." Kare Lochsen, CEO of DolphinInterconnectSolutions, said, "these benchmark tests using the DolphinExpress connection technology show that MySQL Cluster can meet users' high requirements ."

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