MySQL database automatic local/offsite dual backup/mysql Incremental backup

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Construction of a high security E-commerce site (Web site files and database automatic local/remote dual backup) architecture diagram

Continue to introduce Linux server file backup, database backup, data security storage-related E-commerce system architecture. There are a variety of solutions for security, where data backup is the top priority.

E-commerce sites pay more attention to data security, data backup scenarios, including local backup, offsite backup architecture. There are a lot of Linux server backup scenarios, this article introduces a popular solution, by writing shell script to complete automatic backup. This framework includes backup Web site files, databases, automatic local backup and FTP upload backup script, complete the corresponding local backup, off-site backup, achieve a two-tier backup solution.

This article highlights:

1.MYSQL Database automatic local/offsite dual backup/mysql database incremental backup.

2. Write shell script to complete automatic MySQL backup, MySQL database incremental backup.

3. Simultaneous automatic local/Off-site dual backup, FTP upload backup.

Backup solution for 4.Linux servers.

5.Shell scripts include backing up Web site files, Web site program files, data files, MySQL databases.

6. Automatically completes the backup regularly at regular intervals. Regularly delete old backups, here is automatically deleted 30 days before backup, reuse utilize backup space.


First, preparatory work

Second, the site operation and maintenance of off-site backup scheme and emergency standby mirror station structure diagram

Third, website MySQL database automatic local/Off-site dual backup/mysql database Incremental backup shell script, complete instance; Backup script for detailed explanation, comment.

In the operation of E-commerce sites, the beginning of the site has been reiterated the need to back up their own data, because too much uncertainty may result in database loss, and most of the basic service providers can not provide daily backup data. Originally this blog provides a backup method, introduced the shell script MySQL database automatic backup, did not introduce the MySQL database incremental backup. Share one of your own backup scripts today.

Refer to the previous article "Building a High Security E-commerce Web site (website files and database automatic local/off-site dual backup) [Serial of E-commerce system architecture]"

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