[Mysql] What is the difference between mysql and mariadb? What is the difference between mysqlmariadb?

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[Mysql] What is the difference between mysql and mariadb? What is the difference between mysqlmariadb?

After leaving Sun, Mr. Widenius, the father of MySQL, thought that relying on Sun/Oracle to develop MySQL was very unreliable, so he decided to open another branch named MariaDB.
MariaDB is compatible with MySQL in the vast majority of aspects. For developers, there is almost no difference. Currently, MariaDB is the fastest-growing MySQL branch version. The release speed of the new version has exceeded that of the official Oracle MySQL version.

MariaDB is a MySQL branch version using the Aria storage engine. It is a free open-source database server developed by MySQL author Michael Widenius. [1]
More code of this project is adapted to MySQL 6.0. For example, the "pool of threads" function can solve the problem of multi-data connection. MariaDB 5.1.41 RC can be downloaded here. The 32-bit and 64-bit compiled Linux versions also include the source code package. MariaDB is released based on GPL 2.0.

Therefore, for most MySQL users, switching from mainstream MySQL to MariaDB is not difficult.


The LAMP architecture was so popular that MySQL was free and easy to use. However, after Oracle acquired Sun, many companies began to worry about the Open Source prospects of MySQL, recently, Oracle's further source close-up measures are even more reassuring. Many Internet companies have begun to seek alternative solutions for MySQL.
I have to mention Apple's foresight. Oracle announced the migration to PostgreSQL when it acquired Sun. However, PostgreSQL is designed differently from MySQL, and is not a suitable solution for most Internet companies that use MySQL. In addition to Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, MySQL has been widely used, and their MySQL branch/patch sets have been released and adopted by many companies. At the same time, MySQL branches such as MariaDB and Percona have gradually entered the public's field of view.

According to Wikipedia, MariaDB is a community-driven MySQL branch version using the XtraDb storage engine. It is developed by MySQL founder Michael Widenius and follows the Open-Source GPL v2.0 protocol. Due to the involvement of the founder of MySQL, MariaDB has received much attention. Drupal, MediaWiki, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, and many other applications have announced support for MariaDB.

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