N-day learning of a Linux command du

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Statistics file or directory occupies hard disk space size


Du [OPTION]--files0-from=f

Common parameters

Count all files, not just directories

Bytes in units of statistics

Total output size

To the command line out of the link file, according to the link file point to the actual file size statistics, the default is the size of the linked file

Reads the list of files that need to be counted from the specified file F, with multiple filenames separated by a null character (nul-terminated file names). If "-", this means reading from the standard input stream.

Human readable way to display

As with the-h option, multiples are 1000 not 1024

In units of K

Repeating hard Links

In units of M

All linked files are counted in real file size

Link file statistics itself size, default

Output no newline display, NULL byte connection

No subdirectories are included when statistics are available

Show total statistics for files

Ignore directories for different file systems

Read the list of files to be excluded from the file, the file name can contain the shell wildcard character

Files that match the matching pattern are not counted

Statistics directory depth, n=0 similar to-s option, n=1 statistics to the first level subdirectory, and so on

Output Help information

Output version Information


1. Statistics of all files occupied space information (human readable mode display)

1[Email protected] assets]#du-Ah219M./game/game_asia_5_release_1.3.5_15.Zip320M./game/game_asia_5_release_1.4.0_21.Zip420M./game/game_asia_7_debug_1.4.0_20.Zip559M./Game6332K./hotgame/hotgame_asia_5_release_1.3.5.15_1.4.0. +.Zip7332K./Hotgame834M./source/asia/com.pokergame.dominoqq_release_1.3. 5_20171223183437.apk936M./source/asia/com.pokergame.dominoqq_release_1.4. 0_20180113181031.apkTen40M./source/asia/com.pokergame.susun_debug_1.4. 0_20180110113325.apk One109M./source/Asia A 0./source/Thailand -109M./Source -167M.
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2. Statistics empty character delimited list of files, link file shows true size in bytes
Generate a space-delimited list of files

1 Echo ' ntp.conf\0pip-9.0.1.tar.gz ' > t.log2 in/var/spool/mail/root3 [[Email protected] ~ ]# ll41 root root       : T.log
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Statistics file space consumption

1 du -b-d--files0-from=t.log21830    ntp.conf31197370 pip-9.0. 1. tar. gz
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3. No Line break display

1[Email protected] assets]#du-ah-0219M./game/game_asia_5_release_1.3.5_15.zip20m./game/game_asia_5_release_1.4.0_21.zip20m./game/game_asia_7_debug_1.4.0_20.zip59m./game332k./hotgame/hotgame_asia_5_release_1.3.5.15_1.4.0. +. zip332k./hotgame34m./source/asia/com.pokergame.dominoqq_release_1.3.5_20171223183437.apk36m./source/asia/com.pokergame.dominoqq_release_1.4.0_20180113181031.apk40m./source/asia/com.pokergame.susun_debug_1.4.0_20180110113325.apk109m./source/asia0./source/thailand109m./source167m.
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4. Statistics do not contain subdirectories

1[Email protected] assets]#du-ah-S219M./game/game_asia_5_release_1.3.5_15.Zip320M./game/game_asia_5_release_1.4.0_21.Zip420M./game/game_asia_7_debug_1.4.0_20.Zip559M./Game6332K./hotgame/hotgame_asia_5_release_1.3.5.15_1.4.0. +.Zip7332K./Hotgame834M./source/asia/com.pokergame.dominoqq_release_1.3. 5_20171223183437.apk936M./source/asia/com.pokergame.dominoqq_release_1.4. 0_20180113181031.apkTen40M./source/asia/com.pokergame.susun_debug_1.4. 0_20180110113325.apk One109M./source/Asia A 0./source/Thailand - 4.0K./Source - 0.
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5. Display the total statistics of the catalog

1 [[email protected] assets]# du -H-s 2 167M.

6. Do not count files that contain the game keyword

1 [email protected] assets]# ll2Total83DRWXRWX---.1Root vboxsf4096Jan -  One: theGame4DRWXRWX---.1Root vboxsf0Jan -  One: -Hotgame5DRWXRWX---.1Root vboxsf4096Jan -  One: GenevaSource6You have mailinch/var/spool/mail/Root7[Email protected] assets]#du-S--exclude='Game'8 111196  .9[Email protected] assets]#du-sTen 170708  . One[Email protected] assets]#du-S--exclude='Game' A 111196.

7. Statistic subdirectory space and sort in descending order

1 du -h-b--max-depth=1sort -2174782502   . 3 113516252   . /Source460929746    ./Game5336504  ./ Hotgame


"1" Linux Shell wildcard characters, metacharacters, escape character usage examples introduced
"2" Man du
"3" a Linux command per day: du command
"4" representing/quoting NUL on the command line

N-day learning of a Linux command du

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