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Yicang is one of the traditional martial arts schools in China ). Yiquan originated from Xingyi Boxing, and Xingyi Boxing originated from Xingyi Boxing, which was developed on the basis of traditional Chinese health-raising techniques.

Yicang was inherited and promoted by Mr. Wang Xiaozhai, a martial artist in the Late Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the People's Republic of China, focusing on the spirit, care, and cultivation of natural power. Pay attention to the cultivation methods that take shape as the body, use as the meaning, and use static as the sum.

Mr. Wang Xiaozhai was weak and suffering from asthma. His family feared that he would not be able to live, and sent him to the depth of Guo Yunxian, a famous Xingyi Boxing artist. Guo weixing, a man from the past and beyond, has the reputation of "tumbler" as he beat the world with a half-step fight. At that time, Guo was too old to accept more disciples. Guo's disciples were reluctant to have a younger disciple, and they kept learning at Guo's home. Wang Xiaozhai is a teacher like a father. In addition, he is very intelligent and has worked hard and made extremely fast progress. He is so excited by Guo's enthusiasm that he has given his hand to his secret.

During his teaching of Xingyi Boxing, Mr. Wang found that many people paid too much attention to shape and tactics and ignored the importance of mental thoughts. Therefore, he proposed that "they do not need to look like this, however, I want to learn how to do it, and I want to rename the kung fu I taught ". On the one hand, it emphasizes the importance of mental concepts. At the same time, it also shows that you inherit the true meaning of the traditional heart-to-heart boxing, because the heart-to-heart boxing is short for heart-to-heart boxing.

In February 1926, Mr. Wang Xiaozhai proposed yiquan in Beiping. Later, Mr. Zhang gave the name "Dacheng Quan ". Weng said to His disciples, "there is no end to the boxing course. Why did he say that ." But it cannot.

On October 16, 1940, Japan held the "Grand East Asian Martial Arts Competition Conference" in Tokyo, and invited Mr. Wang zhaizhai to attend the event through the consultant Wu tianxi of the pseudo Xinmin Society. Wang believed that Wang Jingwei was a pseudo-Emperor, therefore, if you do not participate in his delegation, you will not be able to drop it. However, you are welcome to send people from the Japanese boxing industry to Beijing to discuss boxing techniques. Later, the famous Japanese boxing artist bichiro Nakhon, Nikko Nakhon to Beijing. After a week or so, zejing jianyi was able to worship Wang zhengzhai's door and learn about it.

In 1947, the China boxing Research Association was established in taimiao, Beijing. As the President, Wang shaozhai has more than two hundred members, including Wang shaolan, Qin zhongsan, Hu yaonegative, and Chen haiting.

In October 1960, the Chinese Medicine Research Institute of the Ministry of Health hired Wang zhaizhai as a consultant to promote the achievements of the station in guangshu hospital. Later, the achievements were widely spread throughout the country and listed by the Ministry of Health as one of the five most popular Qigong techniques. But Wang Xiaozhai insisted that the station pile or station pile therapy, instead of Qigong, some bad habits of the gas industry are very views, but also less with the gas industry. In 1961, the martial arts school had a fierce struggle, and Wang Xiaozhai had no intention of fighting with people. He once made a poem cloud: "The Age Of The Year was cool and the late year was always a cat ."

July 12, 1963 Wang Xiaozhai died in Tianjin, but his great success has been passed to China and abroad, and has become one of the most popular boxing tools of the times.

Hunyuan pile is a construction-based health-care pile method of Dacheng boxing. It is mainly based on the loose nature. We sincerely hope that the learner will be "ordinary and curious ". Train the station carefully. The station post is an integral movement in which shape, meaning, gas, and power are interconnected, mutually restricted, and the balance between yin and yang is adjusted. SHAPE (posture) and intention (mental activity) are the foundation of this method. They interact with each other and cannot be neglected. The training is based on form, meaning, and static. The station must comply with the principle of four capacities and five requirements. Four capacities are: head straight, eyes straight, Shen Zhuang, gas (sound) Quiet. Five: Gong, Shen, Yi, cut, and. God is not scattered, be careful as the abyss is approaching, fake infinite Italian, full of hunyuan body, vain and realistic cut, suddenly lost and neutral.

First of all, we should arrange the overall frame correctly. We should conduct local-to-overall relaxation training based on the principle of strong and strong, especially shoulder and chest relaxation. Its requirements are: head straight eyes, gas resting level, body and body positive, shoulder and elbow loose, underarm all virtual, elbow surrounded, chest and abdomen relax, back upright, diaphragm relax, chest virtual back circle, knees top out, hips such as sitting high chair, toe grasp the ground, the foot is empty. The overall requirement is: loose, natural, and ethereal, twists and turns exquisite, full integration.

Hunyuan pile action is simple, extremely easy to temper, as Mr. Wang Xiaozhai said: "Health Care pile, very easy, deep investigation, head wanxu ." Indeed, simply standing in a good posture does not move, one does not adjust interest, two does not mean to observe, three does not cycle every week. That is, do not adjust the breathing, do not pay attention to Dan Tian, do not engage in the size of the week. For health care treatment of some chronic diseases, increase physical fitness, make the work muscle passive station practice, simple and easy, everyone will, good effect, no side effects. The station time is not hard-coded and can be flexibly arranged according to different physical conditions. When the station is tired and hard-to-treat, the loss of power indicates that the body consumption is greater than supplement. It should be changed to sit and horizontal to reduce the intensity of bone support and allow the body to recuperate more fully, wait until fatigue disappears. In short, it is necessary to flexibly and incrementally extend the exercise time, and do not exceed the burden of the body.

In the station, do not pursue the power of feeling, the power of mind, do not forget, do not think hard, do not forget to help ". When the body changes, it will naturally experience power.

At this point, we have completed a brief introduction of the full circle pile method, hoping to help everyone's health, and also hope that friends who have been practicing the full circle pile can communicate with each other and promote them together, the Development of Traditional Chinese health-preserving martial arts!

There is only one life. To live a wonderful life, bring happiness to the family, and add joy to society, first of all, protect your own body. Health is the first priority, and all our wealth is behind it. Pay attention to your health and mental health, adjust your mental state in time, and develop your own fitness program. We hope your health will stay with you forever.


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