NetEase Client authorization password, errormsg= ' authentication failed (method LOGIN) ' Exitcode=ex_noperm

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Zabbix Group of a netizen in the installation Msmtp+mutt test Send mail failed

The configuration file is as follows:


Account defaulthost SMTP. 163  from[email protected]163loginTLS offuser [email Protected]163/var/log/mmlog

Error when sending the test:

[Email protected] etc]#/usr/local/msmtp/bin/msmtp [email protected]msmtp:envelope from address [email protected]< /c0>163553 you aren't authorized to send mail, authentication is required fc58b17c-e07a-46ed- 9353-/USR/LOCAL/MSMTP/ETC/MSMTPRC)

Verbose log Error/var/log/mmlog

Ten : Host=smtp. 163. com tls=off auth=on [email protected]163. com [email protected]163. com [email protected] smtpstatus=535 smtpmsg='535 authentication failed cd2f44bd-e422-4831-9a96-fecd6a1f1272  ' errormsg='Authentication failed (method LOGIN)' exitcode=ex_noperm

Web-side test login normal, and then I changed my 163 account re-test msmtp found to send normal, want to be sure is the user's 163 account set up a problem.

Finally let me find out why

And look at D7a5dc8471cd0c0e8b4b8f4f8e49998b374173cfe9171305fa1ce630d7f67ac24a2130dd2fad05b1

Client Authorization Code usage rules

1. after setting the authorization code, the mailbox client cannot log on through the mailbox password and can only sign in to the mailbox client via the authorization code. the Web (Web page) side can still log on using the mailbox password.

2. after setting the authorization code,imap/pop3/smtp Share this authorization code.

3. In order to protect your email account and data security, once the authorization code is turned off, the imap/pop3/smtp feature will be turned off .

The original authorization password is all invalid, you can not use the mailbox password to log in directly to the client mailbox.

When you close all imap/pop3/smtp these 3 Service agreement, the linkage turns off the authorization code function;

The Authorization code function (which can be verified by login and cannot use the closed service) will remain as long as any one of the protocols is open.

4. Webmail Settings page when you open imap/pop3/smtp Three services, you need to turn on the authorization Code service at the same time.

In fact, I came to spit this function, the original e-mail account opened Imap/pop3/smtp, but in the test process to the three services closed, resulting in my account must be bound to a mobile phone number, but also the default opening of the mobile phone 163 mailbox, the original happy to use the mailbox password login foxmail, Now you can only use a bunch of dog-poo-long client authorization codes.

Strengthening security is a good thing, but it is too coercive and there is no room for manoeuvre.

NetEase Client authorization password, errormsg= ' authentication failed (method LOGIN) ' Exitcode=ex_noperm

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