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NetEase Enterprise Mailbox ( has released a new version of 5.0, named "Jane Eyre", emphasizing the focus on sending and receiving, to simplify, and to provide users with intelligent, user-friendly enterprise mailbox. According to NetEase insiders revealed that the new version of the online, the after-sales service team received a lot from the user's affirmation, praised NetEase Enterprise Mailbox 5.0 version, is their good helper office.

Marketing Manager: Multi-label window, switch to browse multiple emails

Sugar is a marketing manager of an internet company, often need to aggregate staff submitted weekly or feedback mail, ordinary enterprise mailbox is difficult to do many emails at the same time view, so the summary work is very cumbersome. NetEase Enterprise Mailbox 5.0 Update, Sugar said, "Now you can switch browsing more than one message, the efficiency significantly increased, but also to complete the summary in advance."

It is understood that Multi-label window is netease Enterprise Mailbox 5.0 Edition important function, users can not only open multiple windows for browsing and operation, but also support personalized settings, independent decision to appear in the window bar of the function and sorting, and have a unique window message reminder function, any mailbox function or application of the latest news can be the first time to inform users.

Product Planning: Mailbox contacts, at any time to click on commonly used functions, very convenient

Xiao Zhang is a software company's product planning, usually like to study a variety of novel products or applications, he said, "the company used to use the self-built enterprise mailbox is very bad use, recently replaced NetEase Enterprise mailbox, contact function is very suitable for me, because in the work often frequently use the mailbox of certain functions, Previously need to find in each function location of the mailbox, can now (through the email contact point) at any time click on commonly used functions, such as writing letters, very convenient. and NetEase Enterprise Mailbox Product personnel Introduction, formal due to the early collection of enterprise users such feedback, only carefully designed the mailbox contacts, so that enterprise users can according to their own use habits and preferences to customize the needs of the shortcut, will be different applications are collected in the mailbox contacts, click to display personalized mailbox function, can be a touch at any time Tatsu.

Design staff: Background letter, with less effort

The vast majority of enterprises in the mail to customers to communicate, carrying a large volume of accessories is often the case, but not at all, hundreds of trillion of files uploaded so that users can only have no resistance to wait, can not handle other transactional mail. Engaged in architectural design work, Mr. Lin, in the work often need to send customers design drawings and construction drawings, because the file is large, upload needs to wait for a long time, other messages will be unable to deal with the delay of a lot of time. Since the company chose NetEase Enterprise Mailbox, Mr. Lin said, "Background letter I often use, because do not have to wait there, I can also handle other affairs, efficiency upgrade more than a little bit, really more effort."

According to insiders, NetEase has more than 16 years of mailbox operation experience, accumulated years of experience, NetEase more than any company to understand the needs of Chinese mailbox users. NetEase Enterprise Mailbox 5.0 version of the launch, but also to meet the needs of more enterprise users, to help enterprises improve the public efficiency of employees, enterprises in the information on the road faster development. Up to now, NetEase Enterprise mailbox has more than 150,000 enterprises to provide information solutions.

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