NetScaler Gateway selection for Xenmobile deployment

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When deploying Citrix Xenmobile, the Xenmobile has 3 versions to choose from, as shown in the following:

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Where MDM version NetScaler is an optional component, the remaining 2 versions need to be integrated with NetScaler, or NetScaler is one of the remaining two versions of the components that must be used. So how do we choose to deploy xenmobile for this component?

Here I introduce the choice of NetScaler products when deploying Xenmobile.

NetScaler's license is divided into Platform license (Platform License) and generic license (Universal License), which we generally use on the XD and XA projects and rarely use generic licenses.

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The platform license is to allow users to connect to XenApp and XenDesktop published applications and virtual desktops. The general license, in contrast to platform licensing, also has the following features:

    • The full VPN tunnel

    • Endpoint Analysis

    • Policy-based access control

    • No client access to Web sites and file shares

And what do we do with NetScaler when we deploy Xenmobile? There is nothing complicated about the choice from the function. First, deploying Xenmobile will use the following features of NetScaler:

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All of these features are available in NetScaler's Universal licensed Platinum version, so when deploying Xenmobile, you must purchase NetScaler's generic licensed platinum version. However, since the platinum version is too expensive, Citrix has exited a NetScaler mobile package for Xenmobile and purchased the NetScaler Enterprise version plus a xenmobile NetScaler mobility package when buying xenmobile.

The last four features are briefly described below:

Full Tunnel SSL VPN: Complete SSL VPN tunnel, client access to virtual application or desktop is accessed via SSL encrypted channel.

Microvpn: Sub-VPN technology, this feature is mainly used by Mam, that is, xenmobile app Controller, every MAM control of the application on the mobile device to access the time, will go Microvpn, That is, each MAM application will establish a VPN tunnel to connect to the server.

Smartaccess: Access control is available for mobile device entry.




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NetScaler Gateway selection for Xenmobile deployment

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