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Network administrator to deal with a lot of things every day, not only to maintain the stability of the network, but also to ensure that the computer work properly. These day-to-day network management maintenance is also skilled, now one by one for everyone to resolve.

First, the Network management maintenance operation order does not change

When the computer encounters a virus or hacker invasion first to do is antivirus and patching. Each encounter this situation everyone will be very anxious, encounter problems must first calm thinking, in the mind has a general solution to the idea after the hands.

To kill the network virus as an example, encountered in the network virus computer generally to do network management and maintenance work has

(1) Antivirus

(2) Patching

So which job should be put in the front? Do not play a patch direct anti-virus virus after the anti-virus will also be from the network through the vulnerability of the invasion of the computer, so that the effect of the anti-virus. Therefore the network management maintenance step is very important, the operation order is cannot change at will, only then the patching can be effective antivirus.

Second, attach great importance to small issues

In the network management maintenance many small phenomenon or small problem must arouse our attention, if the occasional network or computer failure can not be a coincidence, although the computer is abstruse, but he does not have no reason for the error, so do not easily let go of every failure, encounter a must try to solve one. Your experience will become more and more abundant with the accumulation of time.

Third, open network broken Network is the key

Network administrators have the biggest headache is the network, so the failure should also be from the network opening and closing start. For example, when there is a network virus or hackers attack the server can be directly to disable the server's network card or unplug the network cable, after the patch has been updated and anti-virus work is completed and then enable networks.

Of course, the network switch is not limited to the plug of the network cable, we can set up the access control list or do not announce the server to sever the connection between the external network and the computer, this is also a way to shut down the network. It is easiest to announce the router or cancel the Access control list when the problem is resolved.

The substitution method is the principle

The most common method for computer hardware problems is the substitution method, which takes the same part of another computer to replace the suspected damaged part. We can also use this method to solve problems on the network.

For example, it is often encountered that the use of substitution method is the only means to the problem of the broadcast storm of internal networks due to unreasonable network planning. We can unplug all terminals one at a switch or router, and then add these terminals to the network one by one. Although it is a stupid way but often the most useful, the time spent is the least.

Five, the workaround is the shortest way

Most network management maintenance problems can be solved according to the conventional methods, but sometimes because of the operating system version or network structure, application compatibility and other problems in accordance with the usual methods of dealing with this situation as a network administrator we have to take a flexible approach.

To give a simple example, the same is shared resource access between computers, and computer A cannot download So-and-so files from computer B. Then change the angle we can change the direction of access, that is, the original a from B download file to a B to upload the file. This method is especially suitable for XP and 98 system resource access, by uploading shared data to 98 by XP, it simplifies the configuration system default parameters and allows access to shared operations.

The same is the problem of file transfer, if the two systems are different and installed a firewall, it is difficult to complete the transmission through file sharing. At this time can also take alternative methods such as transmission through the QQ file, because QQ can find the route of the most recent routes, even if 100M of files, can be a few minutes to get it done.

Of course, we do not suggest that you encounter problems to take a fool or evasive approach, but in the absence of other good ways to think about the problem, choose more flexible means to achieve.

Vi. Technical foundation of collapse

As a network administrator of the network to constantly enrich themselves, master more updated and more extensive technology in order to more effectively manage and maintain the network of enterprises. Here are some tips for practical work and share them with you.

(1) network card IP frequently switch between the internal and external network, pull out is very inconvenient. In fact, in the NIC TCP IP settings advanced add your other IP can omit these steps.

(2) For computers that are infrequently shared, the most efficient way to turn off all default shares is to stop the Server service so that your security level is very high.

(3) Convert the System file format to NTFS and use the "quota" and "security" two options in the disk properties in NTFS format to minimize the damage caused by hackers.

(4) Regular Windows Update update your system, set your Administrators account permissions to guest, and add a longer password.

(5) antivirus software more and less is not the key, as long as there is a can, the key is to update the virus database in a timely manner.

If all the above six skills are mastered, then it will be much easier to do the day-to-day maintenance work of network management.

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