Network latency test, network latency too large how to do?

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In all kinds of data in network media through network protocol (such as TCP/IP) for transmission, if the amount of information is too large to limit, excess network traffic will lead to slow device response, resulting in network latency.

Unit: Millisecond (ms)

How to define the degree of network latency:

(Network delay ping value lower speed faster)

1~30ms: Very fast, almost imperceptible delay, play any game speed is particularly smooth

31~50ms: Good, can play normally, no obvious delay situation

51~100ms: Ordinary, confrontation class game can feel the obvious delay, a little pause

>100MS: Poor, not normal game, have cotton, lose the bag and drop line phenomenon

Calculation method: 1 seconds =1000 milliseconds (example: 30ms is 0.03 seconds)

Next, is the test method:

Click Start, enter "CMD" in the run. In the pop-up Command Prompt box, type "ping server Ip-t" or "ping domain name-T". For example, you want to test the delay and packet loss rate of the input: "Ping the".

After the input is complete, the program starts running the latency test. After a period of time, you press "CTRL + C" to stop the test and get the calculation results. The following figure is shown in the red circle:

To make the test more realistic, players can try to keep the program running for a while and try to test it at prime time. This is more representative!

Provide the best solution:

Network latency is too high, when you ping Telecom local dns,ms more than 100MS, even if the network latency is too high, then how to solve the network delay too high?

I, yesterday studied a method, we can try, in the cat's inside Modify parameters: interleaving mode.

The definition of interleaving mode:

1. The difference between fast mode and interlaced mode is: Fast mode in the field of signal modulation and error correction than the interleaving mode is much simpler, fast mode only forward error correction, and interleaving mode with scrambling (increase bit relevance, for error correction), interleaving depth and some cache, such as error correction methods.

2, the interleaving mode of data package first check processing, the use of chip error-correcting capabilities, enhance the anti-interference of the line, so that ADSL line stability enhanced,

3, but the interleaving mode will increase transmission delay.

The specific method of operation is as follows:

1, your machine set up and modem the same network segment of IP, the general ADSL login IP for or 0.1, the manual has, and the other modem buttocks generally posted a small piece of paper (and network license affixed together), The above information includes a login modem default account and password.

2, after entering, view your network side of the DSL parameters.

3, if the interleaving mode under the interleaving depth setting of more than 100, you dozen 10,000th bar.

It's true that you can't change the "quick mode", you can ask telecom if you want to help you change the "interleaving depth" under "interleaving mode". The greater the depth of the competition set, the normal situation of the network packet loss is relatively small, the possibility of falling off the smaller, but the network delay will inevitably become larger. In fact, as long as your line quality is good, to determine this point you can play number 10,000th, request network maintenance personnel to help you test, they have a special network tester, in addition, you can log into their own modem. You are to see how the quality of your circuit, but also can see you are the Channel mode is fast or interwoven, if it is interwoven, interwoven depth set is how much information.

Win7 The game network delay is too long to do

Although the Win7 system is beautiful, it is not satisfactory in some aspects. Recently, a lot of people complain that Win7 is playing online games to show a long network delay, which may not be done well by XP, we can use the following method to set.


We press the shortcut key win+r, enter regedit in the run. Open your registration form.

Find it in turn: currentcontrolset/services/audiosrv, locate the Dependonsevice in Audiosrv, and then double-click it.

Delete Mmcss. This service is allocated to the cup, your online games will increase the share of the CPU. Click OK.

Click Start-Reboot.

After restarting the computer, I oh we click on the start-right click on the computer, select Management.

Select services and applications, select Services, and find multimedia class scheduler in the service.

Right-click Multimedia Class Scheduler and select Stop.

Right-click Multimedia Class Scheduler and select Properties.

In the General bar, select the startup type to be disabled.

Click OK to complete the setup, your online game speed will be promoted.

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