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In fact, it is not difficult to achieve IT service management.

Summer busy, 28 years old, April 2004 into the rolling Trading company, responsible for it work. Rolling to trading company to do import and export mainly, these years development especially fast, from the original dozens of people to now more than 200 people, and basically a PC. The network, the Mail has gradually replaced the previous telephone, the facsimile, becomes the newest office means.

IT department has three people, summer busy came to find that these three people are basically not in their seats, because the company's more than 200 machines, there are always such, such a problem reported over. So, summer busy also quickly into the battle line, repair machine, transfer mail, kill virus, became carried to carry the "eight catch fish".

Busy, but at the end of every month to fill out the assessment form, summer busy can not think of what to do this month. It seems like every day is not idle, also seems to be a fireman every day, but see what progress this month? In addition to a few times the same fire, after several times to repair the machine, there is nothing to write the record.

Most let him depressed and wronged is, the one months of sweat, although the busy hands and feet, can be criticized by the leadership more, because although the problem is solved, but received more complaints: unable to find people, reaction speed is too slow, similar problems always appear, there is no preventive measures ...

In short, every morning, summer busy most worried about one thing, today will not happen catastrophic events; At the end of each month, the summer is busy worrying about another thing, this month because of the complaints about wages were deducted how much money.

One-stop service, less work, more money.

August 31, 2004, after the wages, summer busy found to be deducted a lot of money, it department of other colleagues are the same. Later learned that the main reason is that he helped everyone repair the machine is not in the seat, others have to call the total can not find people, natural advice.

Summer busy also have wronged, a person is not enough, someone else's business department of People call to certainly rushed to a line, three people are put out, once the life is complex enough, telephone no one to answer also become often.

Since mid-August, summer busy has come into contact with IT service management "one-stop" service concept. The so-called "one-stop" service is the business unit can get the IT hotline, it scene and other forms of IT services, to solve all day-to-day office IT problems. The essence of the "one-stop" service is the IT helpdesk, which is the central point of contact between the user and IT service, and the customer's it questions get answers and help from the IT helpdesk. For summer busy, generally speaking, it help desk can have two forms, one is the telephone application service, when the user's system problems, you can call the help desk phone, according to voice prompts to choose different categories of problems, and the second is the network application services. In IT network services, the summer busy built a simple web-based unified portal, business units can be the form of the web to ask questions, problems automatically submitted to the appropriate IT engineers and to answer, the engineers can also transfer each other. As a good interactive service channel, it is the complement of telephone service.

After the establishment of the IT desk, summer busy their three people for different division of labor, ruled out the situation of the phone, and defined the first accountability: which engineer first received the business unit phone, became responsible for the case, he needs himself or coordinate with the relevant personnel to resolve and close the "cases." This also solves the phenomenon that engineers push each other to the Committee.

To solve the difficulty one: automatic scheduling

The staff is arranged, summer busy will not have to worry about the problem to find people all day.


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