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Shenzhen website Construction, website production company Small series Zhang Yu, after a lot of theoretical practice for everyone to organize the Web site construction of the 18 ways to promote the network:

1, page title

The number of words in the page title should be 8-20 words, no more than 25 words (including punctuation); The title contains at least 1 key keywords; in the title, as far as possible without punctuation, if you do, you can use English punctuation; the title of the Web page should be suitable for full appearance in the body; try not to appear many times on the web Unless the definition of concepts cannot be changed. The page title wants a concise overview of the response Web content that can be inflammatory and appealing.

Suggestion: Each page of the website should have the independent title, the enterprise website each page must have the independent title, this is one of the problems which the enterprise website often appears. In addition, each page title should contain a keyword at the same time.

2. Meta tags

Chinese characters about 50-100 words; The meta description is extracted from the text, can be a continuous paragraph of content, or can be extracted from two paragraphs of the two words; The meta description contains the original title or is roughly similar; The core keywords in the meta description appear to be density 2-5 times/A.

Recommendation: Meta tags should be the same as the page title, each page should have a separate description, should try to conform to the content of the current page. Meta-descriptions have a direct impact on user clicks, so the meta description should be as provocative and appealing as the page title.

3, bold text

Search engine attaches great importance to bold text, thinking that this page is very important content, so in one or two bold text appears in your keywords.

Suggestion: in the website design process, avoids the important title design as far as possible the picture, avoids the webpage important content to use the picture to embody.

4. Navigation Design

The website should have clear navigation bar, through the link of the navigation bar can go to each page of the website.

Recommendation: Dynamic site can be generated by static page technology to facilitate search engine crawling. Site map to try to link to the main page.

5, the choice of key words

According to the competitor's keyword analysis result and the user retrieval behavior to make the suitable keyword for the website.

Suggestion: Choose keywords for your website is a very important step to promote. First of all to determine the site's core keywords, the core keyword is the user search frequency is high, from the search engine to bring a large number of users. Second, the long tail of a clear website keyword, long tail keyword refers to the user search frequency is not high, but the number dozen, distributed in more than one page, accumulated will bring a lot of users. Finally, according to the user's retrieval behavior, the keyword combination is made to ensure that more search users are covered.

6, the density of the key words

The density of keywords is generally more appropriate in 1%-7%.

Suggestion: keyword density should be suitable, not too pursue search engine optimization effect, stack keyword, also can't ignore keyword density.

7, the distribution of key words

Distributes keywords that a user may retrieve, based on page characteristics, across different pages.

Recommendations: The distribution of key words need to be ordered, can not be in the home page or a site will be all the keywords listed, piling up, so that not only to improve the overall keyword in the search engine rankings, but will disperse the weight of the keyword. The main content of the home page should appear keywords, and should be based on from left to right, from top to bottom of the reading habits, the distribution of the key words focus.

8. Product Classification

The core content of the corporate web site is information about the product/service. For the user to obtain information more convenient, the enterprise website product information should comprehensively reflect all series and various models of products, can also product information according to product categories divided into different sub columns, user-friendly quick inquiry product information.

Recommendation: Good product Classification will meet the psychological needs of users, is an optimization of the user experience.

9. Product Description

The product information on the enterprise website only has the catalogue and the picture is not enough, needs to carry on the detailed text introduction to the product. The user's purchase decision is a complex process, it may be affected by a variety of factors, so enterprises in the product information in addition to product model, performance and other basic information, other help users generate trust and purchase decision information, can be published in an appropriate way on the corporate web site, such as the relevant institutions, experts, testing and identification, User comments, related product knowledge, technical information, etc. The more comprehensive the product information, the more it helps customers to judge and generate trust. The introduction of information should be text-oriented to facilitate search engine access to the content of the Web page, while not affecting the speed of the page download.

Suggestion: If your website is product-oriented, it is very important to improve the product description.

10, the content of the website

Site Content Promotion strategy refers to the use of the content itself as a promotional strategy, the essence of the site is the content of the strategy and promotion strategy, so that the content of the site to provide users with valuable information, but also for the promotion of the site itself to play a role. Content as a means of web site promotion strategy, is to increase the effective content on the site as much as possible, rich Web content for users to obtain effective information.

Recommendation: Keep the content of the Web page update, to increase the frequency of search engines to patronize the site, for your users to provide valuable content of the site, increase the user's stickiness to the site.

11. Website function

Provide valuable website function and website service is also effective website promotion means, the site itself in addition to have basic function, expand the function will attract users, such as some sites increased IP query, mobile phone number query functions, so as to retain customers.

Recommendation: Improve the function of the website itself, on this basis, from the user's needs, add new features, retain your potential users.

12, Web page layout

A reasonable DIV+CSS Web page layout can simplify the Web page code, is the new Web Standard.

Recommendation: Try to avoid the traditional table layout, second, if the page contains a large number of JavaScript code, must be placed in the include file. js call. Do not display a large amount of textual information through JavaScript code. In addition, the framework technology should be avoided as far as possible, although the framework technology can simplify the design of the page but not friendly to the search engine.

13. Picture optimization

The website needs certain picture support, to the picture carries on the appropriate optimization, is also the promotion one kind of way.

Suggestion: Picture Alt attribute, cannot be empty, embody the keyword.

14. Related Websites

Associated web sites, usually refers to the same organization owned or controlled by each independent site (including the two-level domain name of the site), but these sites have a mutually promotional relationship. Associated Web site promotion is a lot of internet companies (or the Internet as the main marketing means of the enterprise) secretive success "secret", of course, there are some sites too dependent on affiliate sites to promote, or even the use of search engines as a means of cheating linked links, the result may be punished by the search engine ( Sites are being cleaned out of search engine index libraries, and some sites are only designed to increase traffic (rather than effective user visits) and make affiliate sites a tool for ranking each other's traffic.

In some products-oriented large enterprises, the promotion of related Web sites are widely used, such as Haier Group, subordinates have 22 related sites, each independent site for different products for the nature of the publicity and promotion, more targeted.

Recommendations: If the enterprise to product-oriented, or committed to a field of service, you can use the form of linked sites to promote, linked sites can be increased in search engine retrieval results by the user to find the opportunity to facilitate the promotion of a single product, using the link advantage of linked sites, you can increase the external resources links, Increase the exposure in search engines.

15, the website internal link

The site should be aware of the key page key words linked to other pages, add the corresponding page of the PR value, such as the article after the end of the relevant article page.

Suggestion: the website internal link is a self trust process, the clear and orderly internal link is a kind of search engine friendly performance.

16. External links to the website

High-quality external links, will improve the site in the search engine weight, access to search engines included opportunities, and improve the site search rankings.

Recommendation: Get as many high quality external links as possible.

17, Site Map

Recommendation: Site map in the root directory, give the main content of the link, the number of links not more than 100, more than 100 when the split into multiple pages.

18. Flow Monitoring Tools

Through the flow monitoring can observe a website's potential customer group's search behavior, the website stickiness, as well as the user interest content, therefore the flow monitoring tool, plays the very important role in the network promotion.

Recommendation: Adopt the third party Flow Monitor tool, develop promotion plan and operation table, analyze the user's retrieval line

For, and interested in the content, make the corresponding promotion plan.

Source: Shenzhen website Construction, website production company Network Marketing planning-Zhang Yu Sina blog

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