Network security in the Dialysis office network

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One, the main threat of network security in office network

With the continuous expansion of computer network applications, a large number of applications based on IP network are emerging. Increase the burden of the network, security issues are increasingly prominent. On the one hand, the network provides the sharing of the resources, the convenience of the users, improves the system efficiency and the reliability through the distributed processing, but also has the expansibility. On the other hand, these features increase the likelihood of the network being attacked. The threats to the computer network include the threat of office information and the threat to the device.

Overall, the main threats to office network security come from the following aspects: natural disasters, accidents, computer crime, internal leaks, external leaks, information loss, information warfare, etc.

Ii. How to strengthen the network security in office network

1. Data encryption

The so-called data encryption technology refers to a message through the encryption key and encryption function conversion, into meaningless ciphertext. And the receiver will be this ciphertext through the decryption function, decryption key to restore the clear text. Encryption technology is the cornerstone of network security technology.

Encryption means changing the representation of the data. The purpose of encryption is to allow specific people to read ciphertext, a cryptographic network, not only to prevent unauthorized users of the line eavesdropping and network, but also to deal with malicious software one of the effective methods. General data encryption can be implemented at three levels of communication: Link encryption, node encryption, and End-to-end encryption.

2. Establish Network management platform

Now the network system is increasingly large, network security applications also have a lot of mature technology. such as firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-virus software and so on. However, these systems are often independent work, to ensure that network security and network resources can be fully utilized, it needs to provide a cost-effective, reliable and efficient, easy to use, excellent performance, full-featured, easy to expand, easy to upgrade maintenance network management platform to manage these network security devices.

3. Set up a firewall

Firewalls are a barrier to network security, and a firewall can greatly improve the security of an internal network and reduce risk by filtering unsafe services. Internet virus, Trojan horse, malicious temptation and so on caused by an endless stream of attacks. A properly set firewall can block them.

The Office network Firewall design has the following several aspects:

3.1 Design the topological structure of the firewall system;

3.2 Develop network security strategy;

3.3 To determine packet filtering rules;

3.4 Design Agent service;

3.5 The function module is strictly defined, and distributed realization;

3.6 Firewall maintenance and management plan considerations.

Third, summary

We should gradually carry on the research of network security with the lapse of time and technology, keep track of the safety technology, form and perfect the information security management system in the process of network security, improve the safety consciousness of users, technicians and managers, and give full play to the positive role of all parties.

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