Network video conferencing system with cloud technology

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        cloud communication development and cloud-mode remote conferencing become more and more mainstream in business communication, whether at home, coffee shop, office, airport, or taxi, Any location can be a meeting room pc , phone, landline, iphone ipad and so on. Cloud computing technology keeps voice, data and video running smoothly on the terminal, allowing remote meeting participants to visit their borders anychat development platform with h.264 Video codec technology and AAC audio codec technology.

With the support of the cloud platform, the application of video conferencing is flexible, based on multi-tenancy architecture, which is a rental program shared by attendees, with more flexibility and can be freely customized to meet the special needs of conference hosts. Can support hundreds of large multiparty meetings, or support Small discussions and collaboration between 3 and 5 people. Off

This does not require large hardware equipment for enterprises to save costs and expand profits is very influential. Because it does not need equipment investment or maintenance, without professional it team, immediately, anytime, anywhere, can save your most valuable time cost. 70% 's business people in Europe and America have already used this kind of meeting as a necessary business tool to handle more business without travel . Lower cost and higher efficiency.

Domestic Network video conferencing services or similar software companies are many, in the Chinese audio and video development industry, after Ten after the technical precipitation, Anychat become China's Internet communications and business collaboration market mainstream products, this product also represents China in video conferencing technology has caught up with the world's leading level, with the latest cloud technology to provide conference services.

Enterprises in the choice of video conferencing services will certainly ask a variety of needs, although each conference service provider will say: " no problem. However, when the actual deployment of import use, it is a problem, not only a waste of money and time, but also the efficiency of enterprise decision-making can not be improved smoothly, and even the hidden danger of information security. So how do you choose a good " Cloud Conferencing " service?

1. anytime, anywhere access

in the era of the Internet surging, mobile phones, tablets and so on in front of us, we are no longer limited to the network of traditional desktop or notebook computers, even with mobile phones, we can also - hours of surfing the Internet. Therefore, a good video conferencing service, which means that no matter what kind of equipment, the above-loaded operating system, as long as the real-time networking, can be smoothly connected to the conference.

2. High-quality communication, sharing, audio and video capabilities

Video conferencing in the final analysis is a meeting, and the meeting is to be able to produce action, pay attention to the efficient real-time communication, through voice, video, document or desktop sharing, to achieve cross-regional multi-person collaboration, exchange of views, staff or customers training, even on the internet to achieve the purpose of sales, So good cloud conferencing can provide high-quality communication, sharing and audio and video capabilities, so that the sharing process seamless, not because of technical problems and hinder the implementation of the Conference.

3. High Reliability

The guarantee of reliability is not only the software itself, but also includes the system platform planning, operation and maintenance network, service support and so on. Whether the capacity of multiple concurrent conferences meets the high redundancy design is related to the stability and reliability of cloud meeting.

4. High Security

The security of cloud video conferencing can be guaranteed from three dimensions: network security, application security, and human security. Network security is the requirement of operation and maintenance service management. Whether it has a dedicated computer room and line to ensure the security of transmission on the network. In the application security, whether to set the multi-firewall, the data transmission is encrypted all the time, whether to provide a one-time meeting password, provide user operation security on the application.

Network video conferencing system with cloud technology

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