Networks, ideas, and harmony

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Networks, ideas, and harmony

Former Chairman of ACCU (Association of C and C ++ users, C and C ++ User Association) Francis glassborow, in the preface to the new C ++ programming interaction tutorial, I pointed out that the biggest advantage of the Computer community is that excellent works can be shared by others. The result is that you can get everything (except computers and time and energy) that learning programs need ). This allows you to extend your vision to the entire network. Nowadays, personal computers and basic operation skills are widely used. In fact, in addition to time and energy, everyone can get what they need to learn from the Internet.

Physical resources in the real world are limited and in short supply, so that people cannot share them for free. The spiritual resources in the virtual world are infinite and growing, most of the benefits can be shared by people, and the restricted conditions are only personal time and energy. It is precisely because of the limitations of these two conditions that it is also a plan for future livelihood and development. In the past, I have been searching online and retrieving shared resources, but I have been staring at the computer technology community, failed to take into account other fields. Recently, because of a book's "tour guide", I accidentally entered another huge "resource library of thoughts", which seemed to discover the passion and gains of the New World.

This book is the law of blood remuneration written by Mr. Wu, and the motivation for reading it is nothing more than the freshness of the title and the novelty of the heart. Before reading, you can search for album articles related to this book on the Internet to save time or greed, after entering more social science websites, communities, and forums, we found that there were a large number of ideological articles. These articles have been published for several years and may be familiar to people in related fields. But for me, it's like "Liu Miao has entered the Grand View", and everything is strange and novel. Although limited by time and energy is just a glimpse of the leopard, It is a rush to browse, but it is full of thought-oriented wisdom, colorful. From the perspective of ideology, we will sort out the exploration, evaluation, summarization of experiences and lessons, and the discovery of regular rules for topics such as history and modern government systems, figures, and events in China, analyzing, criticizing, discarding, and innovating traditional ideas and theories in China, there are also analysis of the current economic reform and political and social transformation crisis and the proposed design and strategy to meet the national conditions and develop a unique approach, there are also Analysis and Research on the national characteristics, political dynamics, schools of thought, and gains and losses of changes of other countries, comparison and identification, and perception warnings. From the perspective of the ideological subject, there are both experts and scholars in various fields, as well as young students in school, as well as a large number of "independent thinkers ". From the perspective of the expression of thoughts, there are well-thought-out system discussions, occasional essays with inspiration, and discussions and debates on different points of view on a certain idea. As the saying goes, "inside the door, outside the door, watching the fun", in the spark of these "lively" thoughts, I may be blunt with a forward-looking innovation, however, there is a lot of profound insights. As a result, the feeling of "few signs of restraint and unification, with a self-opening atmosphere" also inspires the impulse to join in on the "excitement, I think about the relationship between this atmosphere and building a harmonious society.

In the "×× party Declaration", Ma xsi clearly pointed out: "the replacement of the old bourgeois society with Class and Class opposition will be such a consortium, where, the self-development of each person is the condition for the self-development of all people." Ma xsi's statement about the comprehensive self-x Development of Self-X Human union and people refers to the target model of a harmonious society in the future. Thought is the guide to action. Self-thinking is not only a prerequisite for all-round development of people, but also a basis for harmonious and stable social union. Because history is solidified, it is not a stop, and the future is unknown. Because the future is unknown, we need to make everyone explore in various directions, try to compare them, and then brainstorm to form consensus and clarify the best development direction. Only in this way will the Social Union be able to cope with drastic changes in the face of special circumstances. If a country has designed a value that does not allow you to think like this, you are not allowed to do so, and you cannot concentrate the wisdom of everyone to the maximum extent. When History evolves to a specific situation, this kind of value may not apply. If it is not a new and optimal consensus, it will collapse. The rapid disintegration and transformation of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe are evidence. Therefore, the self-thinking society is the most stable society, while the ideological × system society is the most fragile society.

In today's language environment, networks play a unique role in the dissemination of ideas. In the past, there were true thoughts but unknown thoughts, and they could not use social progress. They were once the greatest pains of independent thinkers and the great misfortune of their time. New Century thinkers are much more fortunate. The Internet provides more convenience and broader space for their thoughts to be expressed, disseminated, and enlightened by the people, the virtual world has become more vivid, vivid, and meaningful because of the existence of their ideas. At the same time, the Internet has promoted the open thinking and political civilization of the political leaders, and expanded their horizons, ideas, and capabilities of governing. Building a socialist harmonious society is a systematic project that relies on strong political leadership, a strong economic foundation, and a sound system, it depends on the consensus gradually formed by all members of society on the basis of self-thinking. Of course, the public opinion guiding work of the main melody is also essential in promoting the construction of a harmonious society, and it is more necessary to integrate and complement the independent and self-x ideas. This is also the "casual gossip" that I occasionally think about!

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