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AO Tour (Maxthon) is a full-featured, stable performance, detailed design of a very user-friendly browser, the author is always in use in the joy of accidents, take favorites, from the basis of the collection function to expand, there are many practical skills to share with you ~

We are in the era of information explosion, a variety of web sites abound. When we see a favorite site can be saved through the favorites, easy to view later. Proud tour provides 200k of storage space for favorites, equivalent to about 2000 items of favorites. Collection of items, if not properly organized and used will be quite cumbersome, proud of swimming and out of the way--a variety of methods for the collection of refreshing shape ~.

Figure 1 Collector Manager

A, convenient placement, fast sorting

folder is like the shelves of the separate layer, the book classification placed, commonly used books on the most eye-catching position, not often look at the bottom of the temporary shelf. Favorites also have favorites and recycle bins, which store frequently used links and addresses that won't be opened in the near future. Select "Show Favorites only" in "more" and make it easier to find the most common links.

Figure 2 shows only favorite favorites

Custom folders can be used in accordance with the personal usage, "news, games, music ...", "read, listen, watch ..." or "Love Work, love life, Love travel ...", a variety of ways, the heart of the classification.

You can sort the Favorites list by dragging the folder directly, and this simple drag-and-drop method also applies to the sort of Favorites bar in the toolbar.

Figure 3 Dragging sort

In addition to manual sorting, it is also a good choice to "sort alphabetically" and "sort by number of visits."

B, intelligent search, easy to clean up

Sometimes we encounter "Web page has expired", and sometimes we find "link is invalid" ... Site updates frequently, fast to us a bit less footsteps, unknowingly in the Favorites folder is a bunch of failed links ... Fortunately there is the automatic "Check link", the failure link can be easily found in the list directly deleted, bloated favorites immediately become refreshing.

Figure 4 Checking Links

C, group page, instantaneous open

You have a "work" folder in your favorites, the first minute you open the computer in front of your desk every day, are you on one side of the open "work" in the link, while sigh if you can open a step at the same time? The Tour offers two ways to achieve your wish, turning this long minute into a second- -First, you can right-click on the folder, select "Open All Links", in addition, you can also choose to "convert groups" in the right menu, after that, you only need one step--click on the group, you can open all the links within the group.

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Note that the "click Group" here refers to clicking on the group name in the Favorites bar and not applying the favorites in the sidebar. The following figure, the group "Proud Tour" and the folder "learning" respectively with different icons identified. (5, 6)

Figure 5 Converting groups of clusters

Figure 6 Favorites Grouping

Well, after your careful finishing, believe that your favorites have been impressively affixed to the "your" exclusive label, the formation of their own habits, in the use of other computers will feel very inconvenient, fortunately have "AO account", you can let favorites "with you go."

As long as you log into the account, the system will automatically upload your local collection content, from time to time, with a proud tour account login can use your favorite folders. With Maxthon 2.0 browsers, if the local collection and online favorites are not consistent, the system will also be based on the online collection of information to give you tips: Upload a local collection, download the online collection, or merge both.

In addition to the Favorites folder, your browser settings can also be anywhere "with you", just in the "menu-file-upload download user data" in the selection of the corresponding items, upload their usual settings, never fear in the use of other people's computer because of the different settings habits and overwhelmed. (7, 8)

Figure 7 Uploading download user data

Figure 8 Upload Download Collection content

In addition to the use of online favorites and online data, there is an online text editor-the collection panel, for users who often need to store text content, to say goodbye to the times when you have to carry a U-disk, just ctrl+g the online collection panel, You can easily store and upload text content, clear and transparent label design, and later to look at it is also particularly convenient, on any computer, can be "download the content" to see the text on the server has been uploaded, anytime, the collection panel "with You Go"!

Also, in the event of a missing collection, you can revert to its historical version by accessing Each modified backup is maintained on the server and can be easily restored to any day of the collection by the date Drop-down list.

Figure 9 Proud Tour Collection Management

In addition to logging in to your account through MX2, you can also access your online favorites by visiting the Maxthon account on

Figure 10 My online favorites

Proud Tour Account registration and login is also extremely simple, directly in the AO account website application, or directly in the browser program to create an account.

Figure 11 Application Account

Proud of the collection folder can be "carry, the heart of the collation" of the practical functions, everywhere revealed its humanization, you also found that the exquisite design highlights of the tour, to share with you!

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