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There are many ways to adjust the brightness and hue of a photo in Photoshop. Many beginners will use "brightness/contrast" and "color balance" to adjust. Personally, I prefer to use curves (Curves) to adjust the photos.

Perhaps some friends will say, the curve seems very complex difficult to use, in fact, as long as the following simple introduction, you can also learn to use the curve (Curves) to deal with photos.

Test photo Artwork

Effect of different curve adjustment on contrast/brightness

1.S curve (increase contrast)-Push the curve inward in the two point of Figure 1, and the photo contrast increases accordingly.

2. Anti-S curves (lower contrast)-pull the curve outward at two points in Figure 2, and the photo contrast will drop.

3. Curve upward (increase brightness)-by the middle point of fig. 3, pull the curve up, and the photo brightness will increase accordingly.

4. Curve downward (lower brightness)-pull the curve down by the middle point in Figure 4 and the photo brightness will drop.

Effect of different curve adjustment on contrast/brightness

Adjust photo tones with curves

To adjust the color of a photo, first understand that the hue of a photograph is made up of three channels of RGB (Red, Green, Blue). In the curve function, to adjust the color, you first select the

The color curve.

Adjust photo tones with curves

1. Red red– curve up (add red)/down (add cyan cyan)

2. Green green– curve up (add green)/down (add Magenta magenta)

3. Blue blue– curve up (add blue)/down (add yellow yellow)

Example: Using curves to process sunset photos

Here I took a picture of a sunset shot as an example. The original photo is not processed, the photo color is dim, the sunset feeling is not strong enough. Let's try using Photoshop to increase the contrast and adjust the color to golden color.

The sunset effect.


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