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Article Introduction: User-select Introduction

User-select this attribute, recently finishing the time has encountered, so the detailed understanding of the next, here a simple introduction.

This is a new feature that is added to the CSS3 UI specification to control the selectivity of the content.




    • auto--The default value, the user can select the contents of the element
    • none--users cannot select any content in an element
    • text--users can select text in an element
    • element--text is optional, but only within the bounds of the element (IE and FF support only)
    • all--in the editor, if the double-click/context click occurs on the child element, the most advanced ancestor element of the change is selected.
    • -moz-none--firefox private, the text of elements and child elements is not selectable, but child elements can be reset by text to be optional.

Instance--Drag with the mouse or double-click the following text to try:

Front-end observation is a purely front-end technology sharing site, the purpose of this site is to provide front-end technicians with the necessary information and resources.
Has always been China's front-end development areas, like disunity, each individual station each for the camp, the master is like the stars as much as the sky, but their achievements are rarely widely disseminated, beginners are suffering in the sea the same design to find their own reference.
So this site will be the first excavation, excavation of the domestic outstanding original design and content, to a high degree of collation.
I believe you can find what you need here, and also hope you can provide some good content to us.

Browser support

Currently, only Gecko and WebKit support this property, including essentially all versions of Firefox/chrome/safari, andIE10 will also support this property. Of course, each browser has to add a private prefix. Opera is not yet supported.


This property, which was previously used to protect the content of the Web site, not be copied and reproduced by the user, thereby protecting the copyright of the information, but this is to the user experience of ordinary users caused harm, and, and can not really protect the content of the page, which for the front-end developers, it is easy to fix it? ... Xd

Now that HTML5 is booming, many Web sites or Web apps will use drag and drop technology, user-select just in some situations.

Of course, technology is for people to serve, how to use all can, but, hurt the user experience of products, the end is not access to the user bar ...

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