New Features of Xcode6, adaptation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, xcode6iphone6

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New Features of Xcode6, adaptation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, xcode6iphone6

This year's apple press conference has ended, but it seems that people are not very interested in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, and they are very much looking forward to iWatch. This time, Apple released two types of cell phones with different screen sizes than those of previous models. This is undoubtedly the biggest concern for developers. Will the layout of the previous apps on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus be messy?

Don't worry, Apple will certainly consider these issues:

  • Although the screen resolution has changed a lot, the aspect ratio of the 5, 5 s, 6, and 6 + screens is still the same, both of which are 16: 9;
  • The installation of previous apps on 6 or 6 + is not affected, and the entire screen is scaled and filled proportionally;
  • Projects created in versions earlier than Xcode6 run on V6. the coordinate system is still the same as before;
  • The coordinates of projects created in Xcode6 are 5 s, 6, and 6 +;

We all know the previous coordinate systems are 320*480 and 320*568. What will happen to the new iPhone coordinate system? I created a new project with Xcode6GM, and tested the data on storyboard, code, and xib respectively as follows:


11:15:52. 104 X6Test [1766: 62602] SB screen bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 375,667 }}
11:15:52. 105 X6Test [1766: 62602] SB view bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 375,667 }}
11:15:53. 304 X6Test [1766: 62602] code screen bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 375,667 }}
11:15:53. 305 X6Test [1766: 62602] code view bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 375,667 }}
11:15:57. 913 X6Test [1766: 62602] xib screen bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 375,667 }}
11:15:57. 913 X6Test [1766: 62602] xib view bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 600,600 }}


11:24:07. 164 X6Test [1855: 66991] SB screen bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 414,736 }}
11:24:07. 165 X6Test [1855: 66991] SB view bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 414,736 }}
11:25:06. 637 X6Test [1855: 66991] code screen bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 414,736 }}
11:25:06. 638 X6Test [1855: 66991] code view bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 414,736 }}
11:25:08. 834 X6Test [1855: 66991] xib screen bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 414,736 }}
11:25:08. 834 X6Test [1855: 66991] xib view bounds ={{ 0, 0 },{ 600,600 }}

In addition, if you use Xcode6 to open an old project, the new class coordinate system will be the same as the previous one.

What are the changes in Xcode6?

1. Some options are missing when creating a project, such as the commonly used Empty project:

2. In order to better adapt to the screen size, The Size Option is added in the xib settings:

3. If there is no pch file in the project and you need to create it yourself, how can you compile Xcode yourself before creating it? Set in Build Settings:

4. An xib file is added to the project: LaunchScreen. xib. As the name suggests, it will be called when the program is started. Similar to the previous Launch Image, this xib is more flexible to use:

5. Added startup pictures for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 + and landscape pictures for iPhone 6 + in Images. xcassets:

The new version Xcode6 is used, so many new features are found for the time being and will be updated later. For more information about adaptation, please leave a message for discussion!

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What are the new features of iPhone 6?

Enhanced iPod touch

This model may be designed for accessory manufacturers or used for some testing purposes. However, the authenticity of the model still cannot be confirmed, but it may be used as a reference, after all, before the release of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S last year, the appearance of the product was even exposed when the box was connected. Considering that there is still a long time before the product is released, don't look forward to it too much.

Improved Fingerprint Recognition

Previously, Apple applied Fingerprint Recognition Technology on the iPhone 5S, which is also the first application of biometric identification technology. In the future, the trend of smartphones is to add some biometric identification technologies, to ensure the security of mobile phones. According to previous news, Apple acquired AuthenTec and signed a huge share contract to provide services in the next few years. Therefore, this iPhone 6 will certainly be equipped with fingerprint recognition. However, foreign analysts believe that Apple's fingerprint recognition function will be improved this time.

Integrate a large number of health elements into iOS 8

Apple will be equipped with the iOS 8 system on the iPhone 6, and the new system will be released at the June this year WWDC conference. According to the news, Apple will launch the Healthbook application, which is related to fitness and health, and a large number of health-related elements will be embedded in the new system. Apparently, these applications are intended for iPhone 6 phones and Apple phones.

Sapphire Screen

Apple reached a $0.578 billion agreement with the sapphire glass supplier GT Advanced Technology to procure its three-year supply. What is Sapphire glass? It is often seen on high-end luxury mobile phones that panel glass made of this material is more transparent and wear-resistant than Corning gorilla glass. However, the cost is high and production is not easy. Apple has built a sapphire glass production plant in the United States to meet its needs.

The time to market for iPhone 6 remains unchanged

In the past, iPhone 6 mobile phones were released around July and around July. The release date of Apple's iPhone 6 is also in May 4.7 inch or may 5.5 inch, but we can only see version first, and the large screen iPhone is due to screen mass production problems, release will not be available until the end of the year or 2015.

According to Foxconn, they will not start to produce 4.7 inch of the iPhone 6 in bulk until March, so after two months of mass production and the release in May, the market will be very likely to go public in May. Considering the mass production and the overall supply chain, there is almost no possibility of release in March. Although the fight is very promising, please be patient.

With regard to the iPhone 6, the product will be greatly changed and there will be some innovations, so it is highly anticipated by consumers. The product has not yet been released, and many people around it have already had a strong intention to buy it, if it is capable of meeting market requirements with a large screen and innovating in performance and design, this iPhone 6 may well break through the sales records of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Differences between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus

The materials used are the same, that is, the resolution is different from the screen. Battery Endurance

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