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Apple quietly released a new version of the MacBook Air, the main upgrade of the processor and provide a lower price, but the design has not changed, there is no expectations of the retina screen, then it is worth buying it? together to explore.

The new MacBook Air in the domestic price of 6288 yuan (11 inch 128GB version), the processor compared to a small upgrade before, from the 1.3GHz frequency of the core i5-4250u upgraded to 1.4GHz frequency of i5-4260u, performance can be almost negligible. As for graphics cards, the integrated Intel HD Graphics 5000 is still in use, and other parts, including basic RAM, hard disk specifications, interfaces, WiFi and so on, remain unchanged.

In terms of battery life, the 11-inch model remains at around 9 hours and 13 inches for 12 hours. Apple said the new processor effectively improved the power of itunes to play movies.

 Cheaper than before

After the release of the new MacBook Air, the domestic Apple online store configuration and prices have been updated, but temporarily unable to buy. It can be seen that the 11-inch 128GB model price of 6288 yuan, compared to the previous reduction of 1100 yuan, and 13-inch models starting price of 6988 yuan, the price reduced by 1000 yuan. Obviously, a small update + lower price strategy for users who have not bought a MacBook Air before, but still attractive, but for the old user is not significant.

  Cut prices to buy more time

According to previous sales reports in the US market, Apple's Mac product line is starting to slide, mainly because of the impact of Google Chromebook and the 10-11-inch Windows 82 All-in-one pc. In contrast, the 11-inch MacBook Air is highly priced, albeit with a strong performance but less significant for light users. In addition, the tablet computer also to some extent affect the small size notebook computer market.

Therefore, the price of up to thousands of dollars, is to reduce the positioning of products, although still not cheap, but it is expected to pull back some of the search for portability and performance balance of users.

Of course, for some old users, the 12 or 13-inch MacBook Air, which is rumored to be on the retina screen, is not sure if Apple is really going to launch such a product, because it may affect sales of the top product line (MacBook Pro) in some ways.

 What user base is the new MacBook Air for?

First, it is believed that most users who purchased the previous version of the MacBook Air would not choose the new model because of the limited hardware and design improvements. For new users, a 11-inch model is a good choice if you're looking for a portable and performance balance, while Windows Eco users need to install virtual machines or dual systems.

The 13-inch model is more suitable for users with intensive office, but also for portability, but we recommend that you upgrade your RAM to 8GB to get a better experience.

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