New Moto X 2014 full version official Unlock bootloader graphics tutorial

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originally did not want to write tutorials, because play Moto mobile phone is basically not a rookie, can be very simple to solve these problems, between the appearance of Moto State, more and more novice, reach the party is more and more, more and less good people, tutorials more and more not detailed. All kinds of problems really worried, buy a cell phone can not be happy to play. Novice look at the forum to see the dazzling, can not find a little clue, it is really annoying. What to do?

New Moto X 2014 play the first step to unlock bootloader!

what is a BL lock?
BL Lock is not a network lock, network lock, Lock is to prohibit the identification of non-operator SIM card;
BL Lock, the lock is forbidden to brush unofficial or non-self-phone model of the firmware. Attention to distinguish clearly.

Currently available on the official website to unlock BL's New Moto X 2014 device,
In addition to us/T editions and Verizon Edition, all other can be unlocked (including the country line).

The unlock formats the data partition, including all user data and in-built storage,
so before unlocking bl, please back up your own data, lost not to say I did not remind you Oh!

Start Unlocking tutorials, install the steps to ensure one step!

Step One: Install the driver and FastBoot tools
Motorola Phone driver:

FastBoot & adb tools: <ignore_js_op> Android fastboot (744.38 KB)

Download and install the driver and decompression tools, this is not necessary to explain it. How can I connect a computer without a mobile phone?

Step Two: Get the phone unlock data

after the drive and tools are installed, the phone entersfastboot mode.

access mode:The phone is completely shut down, and then press the " volume minus " button and "Power on " key "3" seconds after release, The phone will enter FastBoot mode.

such as:


Next, the phone connects to the computer,
Open the command prompt inside the FastBoot tool:


Enter the code:

    1. FastBoot OEM Get_unlock_data
Copy Code


See the above diagram, that the unlocking data to obtain success, if other state, the phone connection to the computer is not successful, check the drive problem .

we have to copy the unlock data to spare, of course, you are not too tired to panic, knock it out.


How to copy quickly: Right-click in the command window, select tags, drag the content you want to copy, and then click the right mouse button to automatically copy.

then open Notepad or right-click on the desktop to create a new text document and paste it in. Reserved for backup.

The third step: The official access to unlock code

Open The browser to the Motorola official website to unlock the dedicated page (this page is in English):



If landing This website is slow or can't get in, need computer science to surf the Internet.
in order to take care of novice, many people will not science Internet,

Here is a key to the use of a fool science Internet tool:

Visitors, if you want to view this post hidden content please reply or click I will see, do not speak

after downloading the direct double-click Open, you can, in the pop-up browser, you can surf the Internet.

Okay, back to the chase:

after opening the site, drop down to click Next, in the pop-up page is to you login to Motorola account, no words can apply for themselves, you can also use Google account login,

Well, after the successful landing, the play came!
in the middle of the page, note that after pasting the unlocked data in the Notepad just pasted, and deleting the space between, click Can my device be unlocked?


Point "Can my device be unlocked?" button will verify the IMEI information and determine if your phone can unlock bl.
If passed, there will be no prompt message.
If you do not pass, it will pop up a hint box description.

In addition, the official website sometimes convulsions, can't find out.
if confirm that your model can be unlocked, unlock data is also confirmed that there is no wrong, always prompt, you can change the time period to try.

OK, in the end, then select the "I Agree" Radio box, then click the "Request Unlock Key" button.

later, the unlock code will be sent to your registered account's email address or Google Gmail mailbox.


Open the mailbox, you will see such a message, the above is the unlock code.

Fourth step: Unlock Bootloader

after Android 5.0.2, Google added the OEM unlock option. It must be turned on before it can be unlocked, otherwise it will not succeed. Android 5.0.2 below does not have this option. No need to consider.

OEM Unlocked in the developer options, settings--. You need to hook up the OEM unlock. If you do not have developer options, you can go to the developer options on your phone, the crazy point version number.


OK, then the mobile phone off, into the BL mode ( simultaneously press the "volume minus" button and "Power On" key "3" seconds after release )

Open a command prompt.

    1. FastBoot OEM unlock your unlock code
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For example:

    1. FastBoot OEM Unlock Pvsnia4k66qwfwzkbchm
Copy Code


Enter, and the top left corner of your phone will prompt unlocking.

after the reboot, the interface instructions will be unlocked! China line is a Chinese hint!

Fifth Step: Remove the boot alert page
is it uncomfortable to see such a warning screen every time you boot?

It's easy to get rid of it,

Download the logo without warning

<ignore_js_op> (38.59 KB)

after extracting, put the logo file into the FastBoot tool folder,

Open a command prompt and enter:

    1. FastBoot Flash logo Logo.bin
Copy Code

OK, perfect, reboot and see.


It should be stated that:
Unable to re-lock after unlocking bl;
unlock code without limitation; unlock Code no BL version limit;
After unlocking is permanently unlocked, there is no upgrade BL after re-lock the saying;
All for a machine with a unlocking code, there is no two or more machines to share the unlock code of the argument.

National line unlock BL will lose warranty eligibility Oh, play machine or warranty, weigh it yourself.

Finally I wish everyone can unlock, play machine happy.

New Moto X 2014 full version official Unlock bootloader graphics tutorial

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