New malicious program 2000 Plus, mobile Internet calls security barrier

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You must be careful when you are using a paid child's shoe on your phone! A malicious program that looks exactly the same may be stealing your bank account information and intercepting messages sent to you by the bank. Such malicious programs that affect hundreds of millions of of users ' security are increasing at a rate of more than 2000 a day, and mobile internet security is becoming a new challenge for cyber security.

Mobile Internet added 367,000 malicious programs in the first half

"Very dangerous, perilous"-in the recent 2014 China Internet Conference, the national Internet Emergency Center can use these eight words to describe China's mobile internet security status.

According to the National Internet Emergency Center monitoring, the first half of this year, the new mobile Internet malicious program more than 367,000, although the growth rate of malicious programs slowed, but the absolute number is still high. Among them, the spread of mobile internet malicious program website domain name 811, there is a mobile malicious program of the app store more than 300.

It is estimated that this means that every day China's hundreds of millions of mobile internet users will face more than 2000 new "dark enemy" attacks, which is not the existence of malicious programs. At the same time, the mobile malicious program more than 99% is for the Android platform, malicious deduction classification of the program accounted for more than 62%, hackers make malicious programs with obvious gains.

Love encryption mobile app security experts point out that "the virtual environment of mobile internet has a terrestrial world and an underground world." On the ground the world is well known, such as some famous application stores, which drive the development of the Internet economy. In the underground world, there are many malicious programs to steal the user's mobile phone information, to malicious marketing, the theft of user account information, to achieve improper economic purposes, damaging the vital interests of netizens. Click here to enter the detailed analysis

New malicious program 2000 Plus, mobile Internet calls security barrier

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