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Pass the previousArticleI believe you have some knowledge about Microsoft Windows azure virtual machine.

Although Microsoft provides a lot of azure Virtual Machine templates for us to choose from (for example), these templates only install the most basic operating system.

Imagine if I am a web developer, I am using virtual machine. After creating a virtual machine, I need a remote desktop to connect to the VM and install IIS manually. Isn't such a process very complicated?

If I can prepare a virtual machine template with IIS installed in azure virtual machine, it is more convenient to directly use this virtual machine template When IIS is required.


In this chapter, we define the azure Virtual Machine template in the following steps:

1. Create azure Virtual Machine

2. Connect to the created VM remotely and add the IIS function.

3.run sysprep.exe on the Operating SystemProgram, And shut down

4. Run capture on the azure Management Portal. Create a new Virtual Machine template.(Note: This step deletes the Virtual Machine in step 1)

5. Use four custom azure Virtual Machine templates to create azure vitual machine with IIS


1. First, we log on to the Windows azure Management Interface: https://manage.windowsazure.com

2. Create a virtual machine. In the operating system, select Windows Server 2012 and configure the relevant machine name and DNS name. For example:

3. After the virtual machine is created, we use the Remote Desktop Connection. For example:

4. Use Remote Desktop Connection to install IIS in virtual machine. For example:

5. After IIS is installed, findC: \ windows \ system32 \Sysprep \Sysprep.exeAnd double-click to run.

Sysprep is used to clear Sid. In the displayed window, select enter system out-of-box experience (oobe), check generalize, and select Shutdown (shutdown after running ). Click OK

6. After the VM is shut down, the Remote Desktop Connection will also be closed. When we look at the azure Management Portal, we will find that the virtual machine is already closed. For example:

7. Click capture in the menu.

8. In the pop-up window, set image name to the name of the created VM image,For this reason, sysprep.exe is run through Remote Desktop Connection. So we checked "I have run sysprep on the virtual machine"

9. At this time,The virtual machine we created earlier will be deleted from the list.And the new image file appears in the images List. For example:

10. We can use this custom image to create a new virtual machine. Click new> Virtual Machine> from gallery.

Select My images to view the custom virtual machine.

11. Next, follow the previous steps to configure the virtual machine to set DNS name, VM Size, and other content. The procedure is omitted.

After creating a new virtual machine, we can see that IIS is pre-installed in the new virtual machine through Remote Desktop Connection.



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