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I believe that after reading my blog post, I have a certain understanding of the Windows azure hosting service. In general, Windows azure services are divided into three types:

    1. Windows azure website
    2. Cloud Service
    3. Virtual machines

If I am an enterprise-level user, which of the following services should I choose to migrate my existing enterprise applications to the Windows azure cloud computing platform?

Here, I would like to introduce the differences between the three windows azure services, for example:

It is not difficult to find that, on the Windows azure service platform,Web site features:

    1. Build highly scalable Web sites on Windows azure.
    2. You can quickly and easily deploy a highly scalable cloud environment on a small scale.
    3. Use your chosen language and open-source applicationsProgramSuch as wordexpress, FTP, git or TFS, and easy integration with Windows azure services, such as SQL database, cache, CDN, and storage.
    4. Web site features fast deployment and can only provide basic Windows azure functions, such as application and data. However, more advanced functions, such as startup task, native code, and virtual network, are not supported.

Web site is suitable:

    1. Modern web applications. It includes client scripts, server scripts, and database applications. And can be scaled horizontally.
    2. Continuous development. Directly fromSource codeThe repository is deployed using git or team Foundation.
    3. Use open-source applications. You can directly use open-source applications, such as WordPress.


Cloud Services has the following features:

    1. Resume or expand your enterprise application on Windows azure.
    2. Use a wide range of paas environments to create highly available and scalable applications and services. Supports advanced multi-layer architecture, automatic deployment, and Elastic Computing. Windows azure PAAs provides powerful SaaS solutions for customers around the world.
    3. Through virtual network, you can connect the local lan network to the Windows azure public cloud network. In this way, enterprise networks can enjoy highly Elastic Computing and interoperability brought about by the public cloud, while also ensuring network security.

Cloud Service is suitable:

    1. Multi-tier applications, each layer can be self-scalable. With Web role and worker role, Web role can respond to front-end display and put complex services on the backend for processing.
    2. Advanced Management. If your application requires administrator privileges and remote desktop accessOr run with elevated PermissionsCodeYou can use cloud service.
    3. Private cloud + public cloud. You can use Windows azure connect to establish a point-to-point connection with Azure public cloud, or use azure virtual network to connect an enterprise intranet or private network to a public cloud.


Virtual Machine has the following features:

    1. Provides IAAs services. Not only supports windows, but also supports Linux.
    2. You can easily deploy and run Windows Server and Linux virtual machines within minutes to migrate the running load without changing the existing code. For Windows OS-based applications, you can deploy them into a vhd file in hyper-V, and then upload them directly to Windows azure for deployment and hosting.
    3. Supports Virtual Network to directly connect your LAN enterprise applications to the public cloud and enjoy the convenience of cloud computing.

Virtual Machine is suitable:

    1. Supports windows or Linux. You can quickly migrate existing windows or Linux-based applications to Windows azure.
    2. Supports more service applications. SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and SharePoint applications can be used in Windows azure.
    3. Migration of existing applications to the public cloud is supported. You can save persistent non-relational data to Windows azure vhd.

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