New technology, new ideas and the development of commercial applications--also talk about Ajax and NUnit

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Recently more busy, initially developed a C/S model of the system to upgrade, more painful and out of a lot of problems, fortunately the system with the other two subsystems a smooth release, after a few days of adjustment can finally put their full effort into B/s This side, ashamed to say no, A small system application dragged on for so long (find some objective reason: in fact, has been very messy, there is no time to quiet down to think about it, I thought we could do a good job, but the manager also put forward hard requirements-the next Thursday must come up with a demo version, at least to ensure business smooth, I think such a request is not what, I want to make it a little more humane, after all, this is the company's first large-scale Web application, ready to introduce some of the more hot technology Ajax and development methods TDD today;

First of all, about the hotter Ajax,jesse James Garrett an opening on the technology ajax:a new approach to Web applications (Ajax: A new way to build Web apps) has led to a new technology that is also rushing There are a lot of good text, such as: Ajax internal communication documents, AJAX programming introduction, AJAX error handling mechanism to explore, there are a number of attention to this technology sites, such as: Ajaxmatters, Ajaxpatterns, which Free Library For the Microsoft. NET Framework provides a free and its use examples, and of course there are a number of opposing voices, the more typical of the good text is: Ajax Seven Deadly Sins;

In fact, like a lot of comments, I don't think it's a new technology, it's actually a couple of technologies that are grouped together in a way that works in a common collaboration (from the AJAX Programming Primer), where the core of the AJAX framework component is XMLHttpRequest JavaScript objects (from the AJAX error handling mechanism), but it brings the user experience is really shocking, many foreign companies use this technology, such as Google suggest, Gmail,google Maps, It even attracts Microsoft's attention: Microsoft has created the Atlas software.

I have been backbase the user experience is incredible, but also studied their development package: Backbase Community Edition, although has been very dizzy, but can not but admire their kind of a bit over the brushless technology, Unfortunately, there is no large-scale use of the application of this technology, why not in their own applications to add this technology, wait until I successfully use the technology in the project will be able to talk about this experience;

To talk about TDD again, I think we can only talk about unit testing, the unit test without mentioning strong NUnit, and the 14th Annual Jolt Award Production Efficiency Award: Pragmatic Starter Kit by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt (the Pr Agmatic programmers) of the first-pass unit Test Road C # version-using NUnit, this is also a rare basic can let me read the book, in fact, the author introduced on how to use the NUnit is not important, in the garden there are many of its usage experience, here do not wordy, The key is to test what the unit tests are, what they are, what they are, and how they are tested in the project, the essence of the book, and here's what we're going to talk about here today:
What to test? Right-bicep
b--Boundary conditions
i--Check for Reverse Association
c--Cross Check
e--forced to generate error conditions
p--Performance characteristics

Of course it is very difficult to follow these ideas completely, I think as long as the good should adhere to ...

Please have the use of Ajax experience with the user suggestions, can be you think the more relevant links ...

# Re: New technologies, new ideas and the development of business applications--also talk about Ajax and NUnit responses
2005-08-13 14:38 by Spring fish
You know a lot of links. Why is it that "a small system application has dragged on so long"?
You're going to be "really messy" because you don't even think about what your application system needs.

In fact, your manager just wants to "come up with a demo version next Thursday," and you know it's no use to have so many links.
# Re: Development of new technologies, concepts and business applications--also talk about Ajax and nunit  reply    
2005-08-13 19:54 by Neuhawk
to massively apply Ajax in the system, Hard, except for MS Support, now is more painful with Ajax,
because of the postback problem with the control.
# Re: Development of new technologies, concepts and business applications--also talk about Ajax and nunit  responses    
2005-08-13 20:12 by ice-gore
to spring fish
Oh, I'm sorry, I've been paying attention to the new stuff, but the ability is limited and it makes you laugh, here I said the chaos, in fact, is that there is too much work on hand to take into account these, now have the opportunity to study these links, you feel useless on a smile, like you said: "About the spring fish" The comments in your work are just a serious attitude towards technology. Can be laughed off. "I don't care ...
# Re: Development of new technologies, new ideas, and business applications--also talk about Ajax and nunit  replies    
2005-08-14 08:13 by Edward
I also wanted to introduce Ajax in my project before, It is very difficult indeed. In the end, only the maintenance of view state and the triggering of events are realized, and can only be used as an alternative in the last resort. Unless Microsoft fully supports AJAX, it is unlikely to be applied to large-scale development. His development efficiency is relatively low and the risk is greater.
# Re: Development of new technologies, concepts, and business applications--also talk about Ajax and nunit  replies    
2005-08-14 13:23 by edison1024
Offend and not be afraid to say,
I think the author of "Seven Sins of Ajax" has no deep experience in web development.
A lot of questions don't come up with ideas. Superficial, ignorant, is entirely his own take for granted.

# Re: New technologies, new ideas and the development of business applications--also talk about Ajax and NUnit responses
2005-08-14 19:05 by ice-Gore
I feel the same way, but this technology is so good that it should be able to mature quickly, the key is to need MS support

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