New trends in Internet cafe networking: Dual-fiber access + Gigabit to desktop

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Today, Internet cafes in China are saturated, especially in some large and medium-sized cities. In such a large Internet cafe group, it is extremely important to design and set up a stable, fast, and easy-to-manage low-investment and high-income Internet cafe network to ensure profitability.
Although many Internet cafes use fiber-optic access, some large and medium-sized Internet cafes still feel that the network bandwidth is insufficient. How can we increase the network bandwidth at a low cost? Dual-fiber access is the best method. Selecting an appropriate network access method is the key to achieving this. The purchase of vrouters, vswitches, and other network devices is also very important.

Internet cafes generally have high requirements on network bandwidth, transmission quality, and performance, and are also rich in applications. video, voice, data, and multimedia are all involved, in addition, the requirements for scalability and stability are more stringent. High-Speed and smooth Internet access, and no disconnection or pause under big data traffic are among the top priorities. Therefore, the dual-fiber access solution launched by China Netcom is very popular.

Introduction to dual-fiber access

1. The optical fiber is directly connected to the Internet cafe, and then the optical fiber transceiver converts the optical signal into a 10 M/M electrical signal. Optical fiber is used for access, featuring fast speed, good stability, low obstacle rate, and strong anti-interference ability.

2. hiper aitai 3300NB router is recommended as the LAN gateway. This router must meet the internet cafe network requirements in terms of functions and performance, because it is a hardware device dedicated for routing and forwarding and address ing, It is times more efficient than the Computer Host and has excellent stability. The router must have dual Ethernet ports: one is connected to the optical fiber transceiver, and the other is connected to the gigabit core switch. The connection media are network cables. Vro serves as a gateway with strong routing and forwarding capabilities, good stability, and high security. This ensures that machines in the LAN can access the internet securely without any worries and stay online for a long time.

3. with a high stability of the whole Gigabit Switch recommended SPEED Networks "SPEED Network" SP-2400GW full Gigabit Management Switch), as the core switch inside the LAN, we recommend SPEED Networks SP-2402G and SP-2404G switches with 24 m ports + 2 m ports + 2 Gigabit fiber slots for working group-level or table-level switches ). In this way, the entire Internet cafe network runs in a gigabit backbone network environment, and the network speed will be greatly improved. For Internet cafes, no matter how many large games, on-demand videos, data downloads, and other applications, more than enough.

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