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"Dear leaders, friends, guests, ladies and gentlemen, I miss you! "Once you hear this, you will know who is on the stage. That's right. This is Feng's mantra. If a person lives for laughter in his life, then Feng Yu counts as one. As for someone expecting him to install less, I think it is very difficult. if I really want to sneer at the big stage, it is estimated that I am looking for "dead ". Next, let's turn to a bit of Feng-style humor. I firmly believe that humorous people are all people who want to experience their lives in detail-although they may not be humorous.

  1. I am a national treasure!
  2. Don't talk to me about the ideal. Quit!
  3. Fall, climb up and cry again ~~~
  4. Low profile! It's the best to show off !!
  5. How can I lose weight if I am not full?
  6. Sorry, It makes you laugh.
  7. I can resist everything except temptation ......
  8. Not only does Lao Tzu have a car, but he still owns it ......
  9. The point is Smoke, smoke is lonely ......
  10. If you don't smile, just smile!
  11. People are not smart, and they still learn to be bald.
  12. Don't worry about me if I can't hold my heart!
  13. I can't see the sorrow of Lao Tzu even if I had a normal expression of Xiao Tzu!
  14. Be happy when you are alive, because we have to die for a long time.
  15. Please do not speak English in front of me in the future, OK?
  16. I never hate this person. I usually report revenge on the spot.
  17. No need to contact me!
  18. Even the believe has a lie in the middle!
  19. I like you so much. Would you like me to die?
  20. I am not RMB. How can I make everyone like me?
  21. A man's words are like the old lady's teeth. How many of them are true ?!
  22. Q: What do you like about me? A: I like you a little farther away from me!
  23. Zhizi's hand is ugly, and the child is full of tears. I am not leaving.
  24. Zhuge Liang didn't bring any troops before he went out! Why should I have work experience?
  25. Cherish life-if God makes you alive, there must be his arrangements.
  26. Lei Feng did a good job without leaving his name, but everything was recorded in his diary.
  27. Teacher, you are the devil in my heart. The closer the monk is to you, the farther away from the Buddha ......
  28. The Junior High School PE teacher said: Whoever dares to wear a skirt for my class, she will be fined for handstands.
  29. You can see the words I typed on the screen, but you can't see my tears on the keyboard!
  30. If you choose 45 ° to look up on others, you can ignore others. 135 ° to look down on you.
  31. If you see the shadow in front of you, don't be afraid, it is because there is sunshine behind you!
  32. I allow you to enter my world, but never allow you to move around in my world.
  33. People will never know who accidentally said goodbye to you, and then they will never see you again.
  34. How long is one minute? It depends on whether you are squatting in the toilet or waiting outside the toilet ......
  35. Love, just say it out loud, because you will never know, tomorrow and unexpected, which will come first!
  36. Stone note tells us that all the truly beloved ones are scattered at the end, and all the mashups are reunited at the end.
  37. You will never see me the most lonely time, because when you cannot see you is my most lonely time!
  38. The feeling of waiting for aftershocks is like a girl of first love, who is afraid that he will not come, but will not come.
  39. I heard that women are like clothes and siblings. In retrospect, I have been naked for more than 20 years!
  40. Today, I am in a bad mood. I have only four words to say, including this sentence and the previous two sentences. I have finished speaking!
  41. The true meaning of iron rice bowl is not to eat food for a lifetime in one place, but to eat food wherever it is.
  42. Even if it was a piece of shit, there was a day when I met zhangqilang. So you don't have to worry too much about yourself today.
  43. If 10 million is in the middle, I will buy 30 houses for rent to others, and I will pay the rent every day. Wow ~~ Enrich!
  44. Riding a white horse is not necessarily a prince, it may be Tang Miao; it is not necessarily an angel with wings, sometimes a bird.
  45. "Love" is a tough word. The upper half is taken from the "change" of "abnormal", and the lower half is taken from the "State" of "abnormal ".
  46. In the next few decades, we will meet each other and deliver them to the Tornado. All of them will be burned to Gray. You will be together, and I will not know anyone, and all of them will be sent to the countryside for fertilizer.
  47. 2008 is so abnormal that everything is not normal! At this crucial moment, Chinese men's soccer team stepped forward and proved to the world that Chinese men's soccer team is still normal!
  48. One of the most touching words that my dad said: "Children, study hard. I used to play Mahjong for 10 yuan. Now, I want to help you study, I changed to play for 1 piece."
  49. Comrades: Don't stock up. The risk is too high. It's still the safest to make tofu! If it is hard, it is dried bean curd. If it is thin, it is made of bean curd skin. If it is not made of soy milk, it is stinky! Earn money without losing money!
  50. You do not need to worry about power consumption!
  51. I thought it was a blind man.
  52. The tailor who doesn't want to be a cook is not a good driver.
  53. Niu, give ye a smile. If you don't smile, then ye will give you a smile.
  54. Let's take your own path and say who you want to talk about!
  55. I am a second-hand scientist.
  56. Don't go during the event. I invite you to dinner-who will pay for it.
  57. "How do you go in the United States ?" "Who knows ...... Ask the village chief !"
  58. White House's White Paper-the fake pulp.
  59. People always want to let ghosts and gods know what they do, but do not let ghosts and gods know what they do. We are too embarrassed.
  60. There is a woman behind every successful man, but I fail because there are two women behind me.
  61. I want to be famous. I want to publish a book first, and I want to publish a book first. What's wrong first ~!
  62. The goddess of America, who holds the torch and the book, tells us to learn from power outages.
  63. Half a bottle of beer... let's get drunk ..
  64. You are shameless and have a charm when I was young.
  65. In the mountains, the animals are yunzhongyan, the land, cattle, and sheep are fresh under the sea, the monkey's nest is shark's fin, and the bear's paw is the tip of the deer's tail! Open your cheek and teeth. The food is like the water in the Yangtze River, like the wind and the clouds, just like in the boxes ......
  66. Lobster, crab, haha! I love shells! Waiter, give him a dish of melon seeds.
  67. The couple may not have good feelings, but they may not have good feelings. The crosstalk masters may not necessarily speak crosstalk, and the singers may not be familiar with music.
  68. After taking a job, you can earn 0.3 million yuan ...... Take a look at the drawings, build a chimney of 40 meters, and wait for the building to be finished. When people look at it, they make a pass, and the drawings fall down.
  69. If you have any difficulties, you must help.
  70. If it weren't for you, I 'd have turned your face over ~
  71. I am a scientist, youdao Xing scientist.
  72. Rogue martial arts, no one can stop. Science Workers are martial arts, and hooligans cannot stop them.
  73. Crosstalk pays special attention to four homework: pitfall, Mongolia, and deception!
  74. I want to get married. I have no requirements. I just want to get married ~ 'The second naive, there's a hair. It's white.
  75. Tomb Sweeping, one to the pure, the widow ah ......
  76. Gorky taught us: "You should not look like this ."
  77. He doesn't even know the neighborhood. He also considers whether there are aliens in the world!
  78. Long like the scene of a car accident!
  79. I do not harm people, but contribute to society.
  80. I saw my girlfriend when I was uncomfortable, and she was with her boyfriend.
  81. There is no way in the world. There are too many people to walk, and there is no way to use it.
  82. Everything has to be looked down, it will be very happy, you are unemployed, there are people lost, your daughter-in-law does not want you, she did not want me.
  83. I envy you! What do you envy? So young to know me ?!
  84. Kong Sheng said: Good cabbage has made pig fail.
  85. The woman on the road was prepared to take the robbery. When I asked a question, I knew she was a laid-off woman. The more I said, the poorer I was. I finally paid her five yuan.
  86. I have a child who is very close to his master. He has a bad stomach. One day, I taught my child and said, "I know the truth !" Make sure you have your benefits. The child learned. When I saw his mother at home, I came forward and said, "I know the truth. As soon as he heard his face was white, he quickly took out 50 yuan for the child and told him: Baby, don't tell your father, let's take the money for 50 yuan ". Later, he saw his father again and said, "I know the truth! His father did not give up two hundred words to put the child in his hand, and told the child: never tell your mother! The child wants to make a fortune. Looking for opportunities to get rich. I know the truth when I see everyone. As a result, one day I saw the child who sent a mail to their home office in front of their home office saying, "I know the truth. When I heard a letter, I cried and said, "Hello son, hug me "!
  87. I don't want to bully people. the people who scold me all turn off the lights at night, put on the bed, pull the curtain, sit in front of the computer, and play them three times. I am not an artist. I cannot revitalize crosstalk. It is a common business of talking about crosstalk all over the world. At best, it is shaking, or the kind of things on my cell phone.
  88. Two messages, one good message and one bad message. Which one do you want to listen to first? 'Bad '. Bad news: we are lost! I can only eat cow dung! 'What about the good news? 'The good news is: some cow dung!
  89. I want to commit suicide. I plan to skip this building. I have research on this building. The second floor is different from the second floor. The second floor is "Snap", "Ah", and the second floor is "Ah ~~~~" "Pa"
  90. On this day, I was at the train station with prejudice, and my tickets were sold out. I was biased towards a pol. Ice and asked, "Do you know where the ticket dealer is ?" Pol. Ice was happy: "I am still looking for it !"


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