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Below in order to let everyone better understand this new generation of technology, we use the form of graphics and text to demonstrate the WinFS of the mysterious veil.

WinFS installation is similar to some applications, it requires a specific version of the. NET Framework (2.0.50215.322) and is applied on NTFS based systems.

After the installation is complete, restart the computer and enter Windows again to find a new icon--winfs Stores in the first level directory in My computer.

You can store data in WinFS and access it from all Windows applications. WinFS Beta 1 is currently available for data access using the WIN32 API application. You can browse to it as a drive through a Windows browser. You can also save documents directly to WinFS from Microsoft Word.

WinFS Beta 1 is a new area for developers, and new technology is well worth studying, but WinFS Beta 1 doesn't really have any special purpose for end users. In addition to the top floor of the shell, there is no more stuff. Under the WinFS stores layer, you can see a starting data store, called Defaultstore.

You can also add your own store by right-clicking the menu.

When you create a store, you can specify its name, notes, and the size of the store's adjustable capacity. But unfortunately now WinFS Beta 1 cannot create a store shortcut on the desktop.

When you copy data to the WinFS store, the file Copy dialog is not standard, not the dialog box in your familiar XP.

When you try to access data in the Open dialog box in Microsoft's Office application, the WinFS store does not expect to appear in my computer, but it appears on a network share.

Of course, the WinFS function is not just above these, it is more can be exploited by developers to do data operations. Microsoft includes a starting application through which developers can access the WinFS and WinFS API Help files and other related documentation.

It is still too early to discuss the value of WinFS, WinFS is only in beta Phase 1, as planned WinFS the official version will be launched in 2007 years, let us continue to look forward to Microsoft's future will bring us more surprises.

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