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: This article mainly introduces the Nginx version "helloworld". if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. Nginx module overview

Nginx modules cannot be dynamically added as Apache does. all modules must be pre-compiled into Nginx binary executable files.
The Nginx module has three roles:
(1) Handlers (processing module)-used to process HTTP requests and output content.
(2) Filters-used to filter the content output by Headler.
(3) Load-balancers (server Load balancer module)-When multiple servers are available for selection, select a backend server and forward HTTP requests to the server.

Writing and installing the hello world module

(1) execute the following command to write our Nginx module in this directory:
(2) start to create the configuration file (named config) required by the nginx module)
Then enter the following content to save and exit:

ngx_sddHTTP_MODULES="$HTTP_MODULES ngx_http_hello_world_module"NGX_ADD>"$NGX_ADDON_SRCS$ngx_addon_dir/ngx_http_hello_world_module.c"CORE_LIBS="$CORE_LIBS -lpcre"

(3) Create a module c program file for Nginx (in the format of "ngx_http _ module name_module. c", in this example: ngx_http_hello_world_module.c)

     staticchar *ngx_http_hello_world(ngx_conf_t *cf,ngx_command_t *cmd,void *conf);static ngx_command_t ngx_http_hello_world_commands[]={{ngx_string("hello_world"),NGX_HTTP_LOC_CONF|NGX_CONF_NOARGS,ngx_http_hello_world,0,0,NULL},ngx_null_command};static u_char ngx_hello_world[]="hello world";static ngx_http_module_t ngx_http_hello_world_module_ctx ={NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL};ngx_module_t ngx_http_hello_world_module ={NGX_MODULE_V1,&ngx_http_hello_world_module_ctx,ngx_http_hello_world_commands,NGX_HTTP_MODULE,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NGX_MODULE_V1_PADDING};static ngx_int_t ngx_http_hello_world_handler(ngx_http_request_t *r){ngx_buf_t *b;ngx_chain_t out;r->headers_out.content_type.len = sizeof("text/plain") - 1;r-> = (u_char *)"text/plain" ;b= ngx_pcalloc(r->pool,sizeof(ngx_buf_t));out.buf =b; =NULL;b->pos=ngx_hello_world;b->last =ngx_hello_world +sizeof(ngx_hello_world);b->memory =1;b->last_buf =1;r->headers_out.status = NGX_HTTP_OK;r->headers_out.content_length_n =sizeof(ngx_hello_world);ngx_http_send_header(r);return ngx_http_output_filter(r,&out);}staticchar *ngx_http_hello_world(ngx_conf_t *cf,ngx_command_t *cmd, void *conf){ngx_http_core_loc_conf_t *clcf;clcf = ngx_http_conf_get_module_loc_conf(cf, ngx_http_core_module);clcf->handler = ngx_http_hello_world_handler;return NGX_CONF_OK;}

(4) refer to my nginx installation blog, which is slightly different in this step.
**./Configure-prefix =/usr/local/nginx-add-module =/opt/nginx_hello_world
Make & make install **
(5) Configure nginx. conf (/usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx. conf) and add the following content to the server section:
** Location =/hello {
(6) start Nginx (Nginx startup) and access http: // localhost/hello in a browser. then you can see the text "Hello World" output by the Nginx hello world module ".

Write code analysis in the next article

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The above introduces the Nginx version "helloworld", including some content, and hope to be helpful to friends who are interested in the PHP Tutorial.

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