Nine-degree machine Test topic 1165: String Match 2008 the computer research of Beihang University and its real problem

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Topic 1165: String Matching

time limit:1 seconds

Memory limit:32 MB

Special question: No



Topic Description Narration:

Read in Data string[]. Then read in a short string. Required to find all matches of short string in string[]. The output line number, matching string. The match does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, and can have a pattern match in brackets.

such as "AA[123]BB". That means AA1BB, AA2BB, aa3bb are all matched.


Enter more than one set of data.
Enter N (1<=n<=1000) for the first row of each set of data. Enter n strings (without spaces) starting from the second line. Next, enter a matching string.


The output matches the line number of the string and the string (does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase when matched).

Example input:
Example output:
1 Aab2 a2b4 ABB
2008 the computer Research of Beihang University in the real life test

#include <iostream> #include
      #include #include
Using namespace Std;int main () {int n=0;        while (cin>>n) {string *s=new string[n+1];        String *tmp=new string[n+1];            for (int i=0;i<=n;i++) {cin>>s[i];        Tmp[i]=s[i].substr (0,s[i].length ()); } for (int i=0;i<=n;i++) {for (int j=0;j<s[i].length (); j + +) {if (s[i][j]!= ' [' &&amp            ; S[i][j]!= '] s[i][j]=tolower (S[i][j]);        }} int pos=0;        int Start=s[n].find (' [');        int End=s[n].find ('] ');        String Head=s[n].substr (0,start);        String Tail=s[n].substr (End+1,s[n].length ()-end);        String *result=new string[end-start-1];            for (int i=start+1;i<end;i++) {result[pos]=head+s[n][i]+tail; for (int j=0;j<n;j++) {if (Result[pos].compare (S[j]) ==0) {cout<<j+1<< "" &lt                    ;<tmp[j]<<endl;                Break }} pos++;       }} return 0;} /************************************************************** problem:1165 User: Audemars Momoko language:c++ Res ult:accepted time:0 Ms Memory:1520 kb****************************************************************/

Nine-degree machine Test topic 1165: String Match 2008 the computer research of Beihang University and its real problem

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