Nineth lesson--09_01_ disk and File system management detailed three

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One, VFS (Virtual File System)
1: User mode-User space-user process
The process runs in the form of a pattern--user space
2: Kernel mode-Kernel space
3:block size:1024-1k,2048-2k,4096-4k
1) page box size is usually 4k--different CPU page box size
2) Each block can only store one file, cannot store multiple files
3) Super block, block is grouped management, divided into several groups to see the size of the space, the number of groups exist super block inside. And it has multiple backups
A: How many block groups are there?
B: How many blocks are included in each block group
C: Block Size
D: Free block, used block, inode used and idle
4) Block Group Descriptor Table (group decription): The current system has how many blocks, each block from which block start, to which block introduction, block group name. And it has a lot of backup
5) Each block group contains super block, Dgt,inodebitmap,block bitmap,inode table, DataBlock
The 4.Boot Block is used by MBR and is used by many systems. The bootloader of the system is placed inside the bootblock.
The corresponding disk block of the inode found in the 5./var/blog/a.txt inode table, which is the disk block of the directory
Two. EXT3-EXT2---More Journal file system, log filesystem
Third, cat/proc/partitions
PARTPROBE-->PARTX System Reread partition table
partprobe/dev/sdc--Read only one disk partition

Nineth lesson--09_01_ disk and File system management detailed three

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