Nmap Series A------basic knowledge

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NmapBasic Knowledge

Nmap is a free and open network scan and sniffer kit, also known as Network Mapper (Mapper). The Nmap tool can be used to scan the ports developed on the computer, determine which services are running on which ports, and infer which computer is running from the operating system. By using this tool, you can evaluate the security of your network system, so nmap is a necessary tool for most users.


Nmap , full name Networkmapper, is the first network scan and sniffer toolkit under Linux. Nmap is a network-side scanning software used to scan Internet computers open Network connections. Determine which services are running on which connections, and infer which operating system (also called fingerprinting) the computer is running. It is one of the software that the network administrator must use.

1.1.1 NmapAdvantages

l Powerful: Nmap can be used to scan large computer groups on the Internet.

l High Portability: support for mainstream operating systems windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, and more.

l Community Support: Nmap has a strong community team to provide technical support.

1.1.2 NmapScan Port

l Nmap default Scan front 1000 port

l -p- parameters prior to scanning 65535 ports

l - P parameter specifies the scan port

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Nmap Series A------basic knowledge

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