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PHP (2), a detailed domain name query program without a database ). File 2: error. tmlb the DOMAIN name you query [DOMAIN]. [EXT] produces the following error: bbrB [ERROR_MSG] Bbrclearallbrclearallb query rule: bULLIb first you need to enter the domain name file to be queried 2: error. tml
The DOMAIN name [> DOMAIN <]. [> EXT <] you queried produces the following error:


Query rules:

  • First, enter the domain name and suffix.
  • Do not add "www." before the domain name. "www." is the host name, not the domain name.
  • Valid characters are 0-9, a-z, and "-". do not include underdrawn lines (_), spaces, or other characters.

Please SCRIPT_NAME <] "> Click here to return to the home page and query again

Error list and description:

  • Domain name is too long or too shortThe entered domain name cannot be too long or too short. it must be 2-57 characters long.
  • 2-byte domain names cannot contain lettersThis error indicates that when you select a domain name of 2 bytes, only numbers and letters are allowed.
  • The domain name cannot be used before or after the domain name-The domain name can contain-, but cannot be used before or after the domain name, or two consecutive-(for example :--)
  • The domain name can only contain letters, numbers, combinations, and-The domain name can only contain numbers, letters, and hyphens.
  • Unable to connect to domain name query serverIf you receive this message, it indicates that the domain name query server is busy or cannot be connected temporarily. try again later.
  • No domain name suffix is selectedIt indicates that you have not selected a domain name suffix, such as 'com 'or 'net.
  • This domain name suffix is not supportedThis means that this program does not support this domain name suffix query, or does not have this domain name suffix

File 3: exts_list.tml

The following lists some top-level domain names supported by this program.
To query domain names, click here

[> EXT_LIST <]

File 4: gfooter. tml

This domain name query system by mydowns collection finishing Chinese, Chinese to grasp the time all website (

File 5: gheader. tml

Domain name query program

File 6: global. tml

Welcome to use the detailed domain name query program, which is compiled by mydowns in Chinese.

Simply enter a letter.

Do not enter some punctuation marks.

This may take several minutes.

Click SCRIPT_NAME <] "> here, return to the domain name query homepage.

B the DOMAIN name you query [DOMAIN]. [EXT] produces the following error:/bbr B [ERROR_MSG]/Bbr clear = all br clear = all B query rule: /B UL LIb first you need to enter the domain name to query...

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