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Skill one. The status bar is also very cow

The status bar may be one of the most overlooked features of the tour. A lot of friends do not understand, why do the tour to put on a number of unintelligible? In fact, you may not know, this number is actually the current system of free physical memory, and if you want to, you can add more functionality to it. The specific operation is very simple, first click the number area to select the "Custom" command, and then use the Drop-down button to check some of the types of information that they think is useful (such as IP address, download speed, time, date, etc.), and then through the Chinese characters for this information to add a simple explanation Such a status bar can be on the Internet when you have some key data information monitoring, at a glance.

Click to download software:

Fig. 1 The status bar of the intrepid

Skill two. Similar web site Smart search

Sometimes we will deliberately search for some similar style of the site, but this kind of operation can only rely on hao123 such a navigation site to complete, not only time-consuming and not high accuracy. In fact, we can also skillfully solve the problem by using the proud tour, just find a "go" menu on the right side of its address bar and click on the Drop-down menu arrow to the right of the button to see the Utility submenu, and then click on "Similar page # Google" command. Wait a moment, the server will automatically return a series of sites closest to the current Web site. Try it and you'll find that the results are much more accurate than the URLs you've spent a long time doing.

Figure 2 Finding similar pages

Skill three. Skip software Download directly

After several years of accumulation, proud tour has almost been able to support the vast majority of the market download software, the latest update also added to the user's voice of a few download software. But if the download is very small, each time to start these "giants" it is too time-consuming. In fact, if you want to temporarily skip the download software monitoring is not complicated, such as to download the forum attachment, as long as one hand hold down the ALT key, another click on the download link can be. At this time no matter what you set up in the proud tour of the default download tool, will automatically switch to IE download, many times it is quite useful.

Skill four. Favorites Tag

Often use favorites, but add the box in the "label", I am afraid that few people can be clear. In fact, this is also proud of a browser features a feature, in simple terms this tag is a bit like other software tag, plus after the sidebar through the Favorites bar, to achieve the classification of similar web site filtering. And this kind of screening does not rigidly adhere to the location of their own links, can be in the entire collection of global search, very convenient. However, the tag does not support the deletion of the function, this detail is believed to be proud tour official will be modified later.

Figure 3 Favorites Tag

Skill five. Not pleasing to the ad Ko off

Advertising this thing really annoying, every time the page opened, there are overwhelming ads come over, close to close. Although the proud tour of the advertising hunter can automatically block out the vast majority of malicious ads, but there are always some slip through the screen. In fact, for these guys, we can completely through the "Tools" menu → "Advertising hunter → filter page content" Command manual removal. After the execution of the command, the top of the page will pop up a yellow box, users as long as the mouse directly in the ads click on the picture, you can through the pop-up menu to accurately filter ads (menu items, for the same domain name on the page filter the scope of the larger). Later, the tour will be all the ads will be screened red box, confirm the correct click on the "Finish" (yellow box) officially filtered!

Figure 4 Manual Cleaning up ads

Skill six. When you go back to "spy" look at the page

We often see a number of websites, you can use the operating system and IE version of the display, in fact, this is based on a browser called "User agent" small dongdong. In fact, in addition to the browser version of the Explorer, the User agent's biggest role is to help us disguise access to pages that only allow specific browsers to access. The specific operation, as long as the Open "AO set Center" → "Advanced Options" → "Custom useragent string", then select a set of mock templates from the predefined templates that follow, save the settings and restart the browser, and then click on the other browser's banner to dictate to the server.

Skill seven. Market Automatic Refresh

Who can get first-hand quotes, can be a step in the stock trading, but if the use of the market page does not support automatic refresh how to do? In fact, in the proud browser, we just right-click the page tag, click "Automatic refresh" → "enable" to force the page to refresh. The user can also modify the default interval of the refresh by "setting refresh rate" below the menu.

Figure 5 forcing the page to refresh

"Small hint" "Proud tour Setting center" → "Prohibit automatic refresh of current tab" in Advanced options will affect the function effect, it is recommended to close.

Skill eight. Expiration Collection One sweep light

A long time, there will always be many invalid links in the favorites. To deal with these links, most friends of the method or a manual verification, very troublesome. In fact, in the proud browser, we just click the "Favorites" menu → "more operations" → "Check the link", you can take this rather tedious work to be handled by the proud tour. And throughout the process, all open, verify, clean and other operations do not require user manual participation. As long as the verification process is complete, proud tour will automatically remove all invalid links, especially convenient.

Ok, the above is our "Proud Tour tips compilation" Part II, Tips! I hope this article will let you know some of the original did not dig the browser features. Next week at the same time, we will bring you tips for the follow-up-security, comprehensive build the most convenient browser ~

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